Alternate opening shows how Scream 4 was really supposed to begin

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Dec 15, 2012

The alternate opening of Scream 4 has hit the net. Prior to the film's release last April, director Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson created another version of the movie's famous opening to avoid spoilers and keep viewers on their toes. Now you can watch both versions and tell us which one you prefer.

Warning, if you haven't already seen Scream 4, you're entering *spoiler* territory.

In the theatrical cut of the film, the opening starts with several movies inside movies (the recurring Stab franchise). The segment includes almost every young, attractive actress known to man with Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell, Lucy Hale and Shenae Grimes. The final pair shown prior to the credits feature Aimee Teegarden (Friday Night Lights) and Britt Robertson (The Secret Circle).

In the original version, Marnie (Robertson) and Jenny (Teegarden) are home alone and crank calling each other as if they were Ghostface. But everything hits the fan when Marnie goes M.I.A. and Jenny finds her lying in a pool of blood on the floor. The real Ghostface makes himself known, chases Jenny up the stairs eventually cornering her and taking a stab before the Scream 4 title appears.

In the alternate version, they cut the chase scene and switched the order of death. Instead of Marnie dying first, Ghostface appears and kills Jenny in front of her in the living room (not upstairs). He then attacks Marnie and stabs her to death, which leads into the title sequence. It's much shorter and more concise.

If you're into suspense and drama, you'll probably favor the theatrical version. But at this point in the film, the audience is faked out so many times that the alternate comes across better. It's straight to the point. No excessive waiting.

Which opening do you prefer?

(via /Film)

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