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Alyson Hannigan still haunts her home for Halloween with Buffy the Vampire Slayer props

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Oct 7, 2020, 7:24 PM EDT (Updated)

Oh, if only the Scooby Gang could walk through Alyson Hannigan’s tricked-out Halloween graveyard today. If the original cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer could see what she’s done with the show’s old props, a flood of memories would probably come rushing back to haunt them. That’s because the former Willow Rosenberg hasn’t let go of the past — at least when it comes to hanging on to all those sweet, spook-a-licious set decorations from the original TV series.

Speaking with Sirius XM’s Dalton Ross to talk about her hosting turn on the Food Network’s Outrageous Pumpkins series just ahead of Halloween, Hannigan admitted she achieves her dreadfully dreary scary season décor with a little help from the show’s all-original set leftovers — which only contribute more to the whole ghoulish ambiance, since they’re in various states of decay more than two decades after Buffy first premiered in 1997.

“I have a lot of the graveyard stuff … I got a lot of stuff from Buffy, so that is a lot of my Halloween decorations,” Hannigan confessed, leaving us to wonder how much more fun Buffy stuff is out there somewhere, still lurking in the dark. “Although, I have to say, some of it is getting real old … They gave me the skeletons that they would actually have in, you know, the Master’s lair … and they look, like, really authentic.”

Oh, we know. And if whatever skullduggery Hannigan must have pulled to make off with the show’s killer props needed an assist to look even more legit, the slow ravages of time have since kicked in to liven (or maybe deaden) things up even more.

“But boy, are they crumbly now,” she joked. “We have to be super, super careful about bringing them out. They’re over 20 years old now! … We’ve got all the tombstones that were on our little fake Buffy graveyard. It’s fun. It’s really nice.”

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Hey, we’re not gonna argue with Hannigan’s definition of “nice” here, especially when a few lucky trick-or-treaters could probably attest firsthand to how cool the whole setup must look — especially if they’re Buffy fans.

But if Hannigan's freaky furnishings are bona fide Buffy-worthy, here’s hoping all the Halloween candy that goes with a trip through the graveyard is, too.


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