Amaya is a dread pirate to be feared in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

The team heads to the 1700s to track down one of the missing totems that might be capable of harming Damien Darhk, and the mission is the perfect chance for Amaya to flex her Vixen muscles — with and without her superpowers. Also, Ray is an idiot.

Spoilers ahead for “The Curse of the Earth Totem,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Monday, Feb. 26, 2018!

After realizing the totems from Amaya’s homeland might be capable of stopping Darhk and his forces, the team turns its attention to tracking down the missing ones. Amaya has one, Zari has one, one is apparently broken in 2018, Kuasa has the water totem, and another totem was last seen by the pirate Blackbeard — which leads the team back in time to find it.

With Sara off on a hot date with Ava, the team tries to take matters into its own hands and sets sail for the Devil’s Triangle. The key part of that plan? Amaya, who goes undercover as a mysterious, ruthless pirate. It’s not often Maisie Richardson-Sellers gets to play something other than overly serious and burdened, and “The Curse of the Earth Totem” allowed her to toss on a pirate hat and actually have a bit of fun. She absolutely nails it, and really carries this episode all the way through.

It’s handled a bit heavy-handedly, but it’s true that Amaya’s character has always been closely associated with her totem — which makes sense, considering her abilities are tied closely to her role in Zambesi. As we’ve heard before, she’s stuck in an almost impossible situation where she can’t actually intervene to fix the lives of her granddaughters, and knows how the rest of her life is supposed to play out when she finishes her tenure with the Legends of Tomorrow. It’s a burden to bear, and one she finally breaks free of in this story. Amaya is finally starting to find joy in the moment, and has once again embraced her relationship with Nate — let fate fall where it may.

Along with the pirate adventure, we also got to see a bit more of what Wally West has been doing since leaving Team Flash behind. Rip enlists Wally to help him steal back some of his Time Bureau tech (plus his trademark duster), and the two go on a drinking and karaoke spree through time — complete with a drunk speedster and a 30-minute hangover for Wally. Though his time away to process his breakup with Jesse seems to have helped him find a new zen, Wally still likes to go fast and have fun. it just takes an afternoon with Rip to remind him of that. Now that Rip has some time tech back on his wrist, he’s looking to reunite with his old Legends crew — and he’s bringing a speedster along for the recruitment drive. Wally already knows Nate, and it stands to reason he’ll fit in well with this zany team of adventurers. 

If anything, it seems a better fit than his role with Team Flash. Using Rip as the conduit to bring Wally into the fold is a clever move, and makes for an outside-the-box team-up we wouldn’t normally get to see between Wally and Rip.

Assorted musings



*Ray finally gets a chance to try out his anti-magic nanite gun on Darhk’s daughter Nora, and it works even better than he could have imagined. But that’s when Ray’s bleeding heart gets redder than usual, and he regrets doom Darhk’s daughter to death — so he returns to the scene of the crime and saves her, immediately getting knocked out and taken hostage. It’s not surprising Ray would show some regret, since he’s pretty much the nicest guy on the planet — and had a bond with young Nora before she was fully possessed. 

*Sara and Ava’s date was a great side story to frame the events around, and that’s a pairing that seems to be a good fit for both. The wacky distractions also show there’s hardly any amount of zaniness this show can’t get away with along the way.

*It’s amazing how the tone of this show has carved its own niche outside Arrow and Flash. Those shows get a bit goofy at times, sure, but Legends pushes it to entirely new territory week after week. It’s a big, wacky romp all the way down.

*The killer zombie pirate queen was pretty great, and even though it didn’t last long, it was great to see somebody take the Darhk’s down a peg or two.

*Amaya’s uneasy friendship with Blackbeard was an excellent foil to show just how strong Amaya has become, even without her totem to bring along some extra juice. Blackbeard might have the reputation, but Amaya has the real power.

*The Waverider being pelted with cannonballs was classic, as was the attempted pirate takeover of the ship. Of course, those pirates didn't stand a chance.

Next week: Ray is taken hostage, and its up to the Legends to get him back.

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