Amazing FX clip reveals how they make the magic of Game of Thrones

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Aug 15, 2013

With such great effects work week in and week out, it's easy to forget that the world of Westeros in Game of Thrones doesn’t really exist. Well, get ready to have the magic ruined.

A new behind-the-scenes clip has been released, breaking down how they make some of those epic FX shots — and which parts of the set actually exist and how much is just green screen —and the results are amazing. From those sweeping shots of the countryside to the basics of an interior castle shot, it's all here.

Considering the unique, atmospheric style the show has created, it’s absolutely jarring (in a good way) to see the CGI magic peeled back to reveal the simple sets. It just goes to show the amazing job the producers do to make this show look so damn good.

Thank you, effects team. We’re looking forward to your work next season. 

(Via Tor)

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