This amazing real-life archer just put Green Arrow, Hawkeye and Legolas to shame

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Jan 26, 2015, 6:17 PM EST

If you thought Green Arrow, Hawkeye and Legolas had mad archery skillz, then prepare to be blown away.

The guy you’ll see in the video below? Well, he puts all these legendary (and fictional) archers to shame.

Lars Andersen may just have become our real-life, freaking hero. He’s got skills that would make the aforementioned good guys green with envy. Seriously, dude could annihilate an army or orcs, Chitauuri, and supervillains combined if he wanted to! We had a hard time picking our jaw off the floor after watching him do his thing.

Have a look, and prepare to have your minds seriously BLOWN:

(via Bleeding Cool)