Amazing Spidey 2 producer teases more heroes could make a cameo

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Aug 2, 2013

We already knew that director Marc Webb is packing a few extra villains into Amazing Spider-Man 2, but now a producer is teasing there could be some other heroes pop up as well. Hmm. 

In a chat with Den of Geek, producer Avi Arad was asked the rather obvious question whether we might see any superhero cameos pop up in the sequel. Fan chatter and rumors abound that a full-scale team-up of Marvel’s roster (which is divvied up among several studios) might be in the offing, and it seems Arad is happy to fan the flames.

Here’s his response:

“I’d rather not answer that at this point. This is what the word ‘spoiler’ means. We want to always leave the audience with a couple of surprises. All of a sudden, you feel like, yeah, there’s a continuity. So if we say today how we go about it, we’d take away from the surprise of the movie.”

Arad keeps it pretty vague, but his answer is intriguing nonetheless. Of course, he could be talking about some potential story twists — maybe a traditional baddie like Green Goblin or Electro is an ally before he’s an enemy? — or even a lesser-known character from the Spider-Man mythos could pop in, a la the Black Cat.

As The Hollywood Reporter points out, Sony only has the rights to the Spider-Man characters — so any cameo outside that realm would take some hurdle-jumping to work out with another studio (i.e. Marvel, 20th Century Fox).

But we already know they have a few more sequels in the pipe, so who’s to say what they might be able to hash out within the next several years?

(Via Den of Geek)

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