Amazing Spidey 2 star teases the new-look Norman Osborn (+ the Sinister 6)

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Nov 26, 2013

Though we never actually met him in Amazing Spider-Man, the specter of Norman Osborn hung all over that movie. We’ll finally get to meet the mystery man in part two, but the actor bringing him to life says you may be surprised by what you see.

Chris Cooper (The Bourne Identity) had a sit-down with MTV to talk about his role in the new Spider-Man franchise, and teased that fans should be prepared for something a little different than the version of Osborn played by Willem Dafoe in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man franchise.

Cooper said that the first time we see the future Green Goblin will make for “an extremely odd introduction,” and that that encounter “apparently will lead to something more” in at least one of those many sequels already in the works.

He was also asked about persistent rumors that Spidey’s rogues gallery will combine into the Sinister Six at some point, and Cooper confirmed that the studio has “sent [him] some materials” to that effect. But he cautioned they seem to be “starting from the beginning” with part two here.

He went on to talk about how there are a boatload of villains crammed into the film, though many won’t come into play until future sequels:

“And I believe there's a lot of stage-setting for the next film. There are several villains in this movie, and some of them are more foreground and important. Jamie Foxx is and stuff. A couple of us are more hanging around the background because I think there will be a bigger deal. I don't actually know, but that seems to be what they're doing. I'm not an idiot either, but I can't claim hard and fast knowledge of this. I won't. I can't because I don't actually know, but you and I can speculate.”

Check out the full video interview below and let us know what you’re expecting from the sequel:

(Via MTV)

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