Spider-Man's debut comic sells for record-breaking $1.1 million

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Dec 14, 2012

That record-breaking sale of Amazing Fantasy #15 we told you about last year (you know—the comic that contained the first appearance of Spider-Man) ain't a record anymore. Because when it came to buying the highest graded existing copy of the book, $280,000 would have just been chump change.

An unidentified private collector just paid $1.1 million for a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 graded at 9.6, topping the $280,000 paid for a 9.4-graded copy in 2007. This is the ONLY known copy in that pristine a condition, and the sale marks the highest price ever paid for a Silver Age comic book.

As for why the buyer is unidentified, all we can assume is that it's to prevent the rest of us from playing like Doc Ock and breaking into his or her house to steal it! (But sadly, not to read it. The price would drop the second we cracked open its protective casing.)

(via Bleeding Cool)

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