Amazing Spider-Man's Emma Stone says Gwen Stacy needs to die

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Dec 17, 2012

As anyone who has ever read many Spider-Man comics likely knows, the classic character of Gwen Stacy is typically not long for this world. Considering she will be the main love interest in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man reboot, it wouldn't be surprising for actress Emma Stone to want her version of Stacy to stick around a while—but it seems Stone is a Spidey classicist, and can't wait for Peter Parker's first love to bite the dust.

In an interview with IGN, Stone opened up about what the character means to Spidey's origin tale, and said she can't wait to see her epic death play out—and definitely doesn't want Gwen hanging around for several sequels:

"I think that's a hugely important part of her story and of this incarnation of Spider-Man. I think that was very important to everybody. I think there's a certain expectation and then there's a certain awareness of mortality that Gwen has already, so I think that it was important to...just because her father was in the face of death everyday and so is Peter, so I think death always surrounds her. I think it's a really important element to her character. I mean, she, as fans know, is kind of most famous for how she departs. So that's a weird thing to play, knowing about such an iconic part of her existence."
If you're interested, check out the interview below:

Sound off: Do you hope the studio sticks to the Spidey canon and takes out Gwen sometime soon?

(Comic Book Movie via IGN)

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