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No (Cloverfield) paradox: Amazon eyes Hollywood studios to help make Netflix-style big hits

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Aug 28, 2018

In the latest piece of evidence that Amazon’s more serious than ever about contending for a share of the streaming world that the Netflix brand rules, the online retail giant reportedly is eyeing traditional major motion picture studios to craft more ambitious movies for its Amazon Video service. 

Deadline reports that Amazon already has held “exploratory talks with major Hollywood studios,” including Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment, to come up with original film properties that could “exploit existing studio IP.” 

As anyone who’s paid attention to the Netflix formula for success likely knows, science fiction is unsurprisingly a big part of what’s alluring about such an arrangement for Amazon. The service “is looking to replicate Paramount’s success with The Cloverfield Paradox, a film sequel that was released directly to the rival streaming service,” the report observes.

A headline-stealing viral marketing push wasn’t enough to keep The Cloverfield Paradox from being panned by critics, but the latest installment in J.J. Abrams’ Clover-verse nevertheless has been an evident hit, at least in terms of view-throughs, with actual Netflix subscribers. 

Amazon’s interest in tapping into conventional studios’ movie-making expertise comes on the heels of a mid-August report that the company also is interested in getting into the brick-and-mortar movie theater business — at least in a limited fashion. In a potential bid to more firmly affix its name to real-world environments outside the online space, Amazon remains in the running to acquire the nationwide Landmark Theaters chain (where it could, no doubt, screen its pick of Amazon original movies). 

With Amazon Studios producing the upcoming Lord of the Rings series in conjunction with Warner Bros.’ New Line Cinema and the Tolkien Estate, it’s unlikely that these talks are linked with developing the biggest known project on Amazon’s immediate streaming horizon. Deadline also notes that no agreement’s been reached between Amazon and any of the studios it’s reportedly approached. But Amazon’s interest reinforces the larger, recent trend toward greater cross-pollination between streaming studios and their conventional big-screen competitors. 

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