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Amazon Prime users: Your Electric Dreams binge just a got a bit pricier

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Jan 19, 2018, 2:37 PM EST

The streaming (and retail) giant behind The Tick, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, and more genre fare has recently begun shaving its original content for a different creative approach angled towards big, prestige offerings. It’s also bumping up its prices - but only if you’re subscribing month-to-month.

According to Deadline, bingers that pay for Amazon Prime’s shipping and streaming services monthly will see their per-month cost rise from $10.99 to $12.99. That’s almost a 20 percent hike angled at getting more long-term subscribers, because the full-year membership costs are staying the same ($49 for students, $99 for everyone else).

As Amazon cancels some of its original content, it needs added incentive to keep customers invested while they produce more projects like the epic and epicly expensive Lord of the Rings series it’s currently developing. While Netflix has also seen a few recent cost bumps, Amazon’s is geared towards sustaining its subscriber base - which, Deadline says, just hit a milestone.

According to “Cowen analyst John Blackledge,” Prime’s subscriber base has 60 million U.S. members, with about 54 percent of U.S. households paying for the service. In order to keep those numbers high and deter lookie-loos from dipping in for a month, then fleeing for greener streaming fields, the monthly rate hike makes signing up for a year even more appealing. It also makes it more convenient to shop using Amazon Prime, since the two-day shipping is included.

This price change goes into effect today and will affect any monthly renewals after February 18.