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Amazon Prime's Lore weaves some spooky tales at NYCC

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Oct 5, 2018, 3:35 PM EDT

After the success of the TV adaptation of Lore on Amazon Prime Video, the creators and cast members of the anthology series came to the Hammerstein Ballroom at New York Comic Con to discuss the new season.

Executive Producer Gale Ann Hurd talked about the attraction to the series, and why it drew fans to it. "We follow the lives of these true-life characters. You invest in this world that they try to survive. You can imagine yourself in these worlds and imagine "what would you do"? but also making sure we are not taking away from the supernatural aspect." It's the balance that the real world can be just as fantastic as any fictional world.

Hurd was also excited to work with the new showrunner, Sean Crouch (The Exorcist). One of the changes with Season 2, and bringing Sean on, was to focus more on the stories and characters, with the documentary footage being supplemental. It was easy for Sean to embrace that focus, as he had a goal when coming onto the show. "I wanted to make a show that I could not watch with my children, that would give people nightmares."

Crouch went on to say that even though his goal is to make the scariest show possible, the reality these stories come from is not lost on him. "I felt a responsibility in telling these stories because of the truth to them. There are living people still affected by what happened, and we had to respect that."

With all sorts of scary tales from real life that eventually become folklore. It's a cumbersome task to determine which ones will translate the best to the audience. Lore creator Aaron Mahnke discussed those issues. "The biggest challenge is finding the topics. Then it's making sure it's interesting enough to engage the audience. From there, we have to see which stories will not lose their value by adding the visual element." 

One of the funnier behind the scenes stories from the second season related to the location of filming. Amazon filmed every episode in Prague. However, only one, "Prague Clock," starring Elie Haddad, took place in Prague. It's about two brothers tasked with fixing the Orloj astronomical clock during the Black Plague. "The ONE episode we filmed that takes place in Prague, we couldn't film on location because it was under construction."

The other change this season was that some episodes, like "Jack Parsons" starring Josh Bowman and Alicia Witt, about the propulsion researcher/occultist, aren't from the podcast. With their new focus on the characters and stories, it gave the creative team a little more freedom to find subjects that would fit the series.

The final episode discussed during the panel was Hinterkaifeck, starring Thomas Kretschmann (Avengers: Age of Ultron). It revolves around an unsolved murder of an entire family in Germany. Amazon was kind enough to provide us a behind-the-scenes look at the episode.

Gale Ann Hurd and company have proven that they are masters of horror. This next season of Lore looks to continue that trend.

Lore season 2 debuts on Amazon October 19th.

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