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Amazon producing three new sci-fi shows: Lazarus, Snow Crash, and Ringworld

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Mar 25, 2021, 11:00 PM EDT (Updated)

No less than three new science-fiction projects are being developed and produced by Amazon for 2018.

According to Variety, the streaming service is significantly increasing its output of original content next year, with 67 television shows and 20 movies already in current stages of preproduction, production, or postproduction.

Among them are three new titles belonging to the sci-fi genre: Lazarus, Snow Crash, and Ringworld.

Comic book fans will already be familiar with Lazarus, which is based on the dystopian, coming-of-age comic by Greg Rucka (Action Comics, Batwoman, Detective Comics). The series sees a world divided among 16 rival families running their respective territories in a feudal system, with a young woman named Forever Carlyle at the center of it all. To protect themselves from each other, the families each have a chosen warrior to represent them, called a “Lazarus.” Carlyle is the Lazarus for her family.

Another recognizable title, Snow Crash -- based on the Neal Stephenson cult novel -- is set to be a one-hour sci-fi drama set in a not-so-distant future America. The story begins with Hiro Protagonist -- a hacker and a pizza delivery boy -- who works for the mafia navigating his way around The Metaverse, a successor to the Internet. Prepare to put your thinking cap on for the various fictional technologies that are talked about in the high-concept narrative. The show is being executive-produced by Joe Cornish (Ant-Man) and Frank Marshall (Back to the Future).

Lastly, Ringworld is based on a 1970 sci-fi novel by Larry Niven set in his Known Space universe, and considered by many as a literary classic in the genre. The show will get to explore Ringworld, the remote artificial ring that lies beyond Known Space. The story’s protagonist is 200-year-old Louis Gridley Wu, but Amazon’s casting department can relax, because he’s in perfect physical condition due to the longevity drug he’s been taking called boosterspice. Niven later added four sequels and four prequels, which means there’s plenty of material for the show’s writers to play with.

Let's hope all three shows become huge successes! Which show are you most (Amazon) primed for?