Amazon putting Nazi imagery in NYC subways to promote The Man in the High Castle

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Nov 26, 2015, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

File this one under a gutsy marketing move. This is either absolutely brilliant, or really (really) dumb.

Though most of the attention has been on Netflix’s Jessica Jones, the other major streaming service also dropped a buzzy sci-fi series last weekend. Amazon’s period-set alt-history drama The Man in the High Castle is officially live, and the studio is taking a very interesting tack to promote the show. Quick refresher: The series, based on Philip K. Dick’s story of the same name, is set in a version of the United States that is occupied by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

So, to generate some buzz for the binge-watching opportunity, Amazon has decided to transform some of New York’s subway stations into something that would fit well in a Nazi-occupied version of Manhattan. The advertising blitz has plastered Nazi paraphernalia across some subway stations, which some people will (not surprisingly) find offensive. Which, yeah, kind of hard to argue with that.

But, you’ve got to respect the gutsiness of the campaign. Points for creativity, if nothing else.

Check out some shots of the promo campaign below and let us know what you think: