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Amazon sinks its teeth into sci-fi series The Feed from Walking Dead TV writer

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Feb 8, 2018, 10:58 AM EST

Is AMC's The Walking Dead just not cutting it for you anymore? Fret not, dear fan, because Walking Dead writer Channing Powell is channeling his talents into Amazon for a new near-future sci-fi series that might just distract you from any potential disappointment with Rick and the walkers.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon Prime, Liberty Global, and All3Media International have picked up sci-fi thriller The Feed from Powell and Studio Lambert. The show will be based on Nick Clark Windo's novel of the same name, which won't be published until March of this year. 

Windo's book takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where "The Feed" links all of humanity together, giving them access to every scrap of information and emotion in existence. As a result, most people are addicted to this advanced technological tool, but the plot follows one person who resists its charms, Tom, the son of the man who created The Feed.

When it collapses, society is decimated and the world as these characters know it is over. Scavenging for food is the only way to eat, and minor maladies are now fatal. In this futuristic end of days, Tom and his wife Kate must protect their family at all costs, but when their 6-year-old daughter Bea goes missing, they have to set out on a dangerous adventure to find her, unaware of who they can trust in this new world. 

Amazon's adaptation of The Feed will take place in London and arrive on Amazon Prime sometime in 2019. Powell has written 11 episodes for The Walking Dead, like "Monsters," "The Damned," and "New Best Friends." He will also executive-produce the show with Susan Hogg and Stephen Lambert. The lead director is Black Mirror veteran Carl Tibbetts ("White Christmas," "White Bear"). All3Media International is in charge of worldwide distribution.