Ambitious Hong Kong man builds Scarlett Johansson look-alike robot

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Apr 4, 2016, 11:25 AM EDT

Some people indulge in relaxing hobbies like stamp collecting, birdwatching or model railroading to pass the time  This industrious Hong Kong man decided to build a semi-creepy look-alike robot of his favorite American film star, Scarlett Johansson!  And yes, she talks. Witness the weird pastime of graphic designer Ricky Ma, an amateur roboticist who spent $50,000 and two years of his life creating a celebrity android bearing an uncanny resemblance to the actress soon to be seen as Black Widow in the new Captain America: Civil War movie.

Sporting a bare midriff, golden hair and a pair of dazzling lake-blue eyes, this dead ringer that Ma calls "Mark I" was designed and constructed using a 70% 3D printed skeleton and multiple layers of realistic silicone skin.  Servomotors in her face allow the blonde bot to wink, smile and respond realistically to a series of vocal commands Ma delivers via a microphone and his computer.

“When I was a child, I liked robots,” Ma said. “I figured I should just do it when the timing is right and realize my dream. If I realize my dream, I will have no regrets in life.”

Have a look at this slightly scary ScarJo robot and tell us if you think Ma is a certified electronics genius or should take up something more benign, like rock tumbling, instead.



(Via Comic Book Movie)