AMC gives The Walking Dead and Into the Badlands their own VR app

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Oct 20, 2017, 11:09 AM EDT

Ever wanted to immerse yourself in the worlds of The Walking Dead and Into the Badlands? — to surround yourself with the best and worst of humanity and/or steampunk ninjas? Now you have your chance: AMC has a new virtual reality app that will let you join in on the action.

AMC’s app will put you into a training camp in Into the Badlands, where you watch Sunny teach Tilda how to, egads, use a corpse in a fight. And as for The Walking Dead experience, you have to survive a zombie onslaught—until you sadly join the shambling herd.

Not only that, but AMC is offering a “an extended 360-degree bonus scene” from the first episode of Season 8, which centers on Negan and Father Gabriel. In addition to this, you can find trailers and ... Norman Reedus’ porta-potty race? (We assume it's a VR experience of this.)

According to AMC, the app is now available for those with Samsung Gear, Google Daydream, iOS, and Android (but sadly, not the HTC Vive).

Funny that the VR app contains content only for the genre shows. Cheers to AMC for recognizing that more than any other fan, fans of science fiction/fantasy/horror are enthusiastic adopters of technology. 

(Via AMC)