AMC hits merge in hilariously gruesome Walking Dead/Mad Men video

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Dec 17, 2012

It goes without saying that we love The Walking Dead, but it's not the only acclaimed series in AMC's lineup. They've also got the multi-Emmy-winning drama Mad Men on their hands, and now someone's had the bright idea to bring Rick Grimes and his friends together with zombie Don Draper and his undead advertising cohorts.

This is the undead brainchild (brain, get it?) of the funny video experts over at Barely Political, who posted the parody mashup earlier this week. Basically, Don Draper and most of the staff at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce have been turned into the flesh-hungry undead, but they're still trying to do their best to sell the best damn advertising in New York. Don's replaced his trademark cigarette with a severed human finger, and he keeps eating his secretaries, but he still manages to keep that whole profound sales pitch thing he has going strong.

Meanwhile, Rick and his crew are trapped in the conference room, surrounded on all sides by walkers in damn fine suits. Rick wants to make a break for it, but Hershel can't leave. It's his home. He was born in the conference room. And on top of everything else, Lori can't find Carl.

The clip is packed with funny moments, but the best might be Rick's declaration that "This show is even more boring than mine." Check out the full video and start drafting your petition for AMC to make this thing into a series.

(Barely Political via Laughing Squid)

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