AMC's Preacher makes "a lot of small changes" from the comic

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Jan 13, 2016, 6:22 PM EST (Updated)

AMC may have another hit on its hands with Preacher. The Vertigo/DC Comics adaptation received a rousing reception at the latest TCA (Television Critics Association) Press Tour. Journalists were given a sneak peek at the series, which is said to be a stand-out amongst current comic book fare.

During the panel, executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg revealed that Preacher will be a slight departure from its source material. “I don’t know that you could translate it directly [from the comic],” said Rogen. “Everybody involved felt we should not — including [comic creator Garth Ennis].” Goldberg explained, “We talked with Garth and Garth very much encouraged us to make a lot of small changes and make it a good show first and foremost. We want fans to get everything they loved of the comic and still get some twists and turns.”

When adapting anything into a different medium, changes are inevitable. The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are proof of that. Yet both shows have experienced immense success despite their differences. Rogen pointed out, “We love the comic...but our first and foremost goal is to make a great, entertaining, fun television show that if you never heard of the comic book, you love. We want the show to be fun for regular people without sick sensibilities.”

This doesn't mean they're going to ease up on Preacher's violence. The show will have its fair share of action and gore balanced with humor. “There’s lots of violence and drama, but there’s always comedy throughout,” Rogen declared. “We have characters who do really horrific things in one episode and then come back and do really silly things.”

Preacher premieres on AMC later this year.

Do you think changes are necessary? Or should Preacher stay close to the comic?


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