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America! Asteroids! Explosions! Michael Bay's Armageddon: A retrospective

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Jun 28, 2018, 1:30 PM EDT

Nearly 20 years ago, moviegoers witnessed the journey of a group of deep sea oil drillers who were recruited by NASA to fly a nuclear bomb to an asteroid in order to prevent the extinction of all life on Earth. Of course, Armageddon came down to an explosion to save the world. After all, it's a Michael Bay film, and blowing things up has become his cinematic signature.

Armageddon shared its killer asteroid premise with Deep Impact, but it was Bay's movie that struck a chord with audiences around the world. In fact, it was 1998's champion at the worldwide box office. However, that's not why we're choosing to give this movie a special retrospective for its 20th anniversary. For all of its faults and scientific inaccuracies, Armageddon has a special place in our hearts and it's still a really fun disaster film. It doesn't hurt to have an awesome theme song by Steven Tyler and Aerosmith; "I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing" is still a great movie anthem.

In our look back at the film, we're sharing some trivia about NASA's connection to the production and showing off the real astronaut facilities that were incorporated into Armageddon's training sequences. According to some reports, NASA still screens this movie for its trainees, but probably not for the reason you suspect.

There are more fun tidbits from Armageddon in the video below. When you’ve finished watching it, share your favorite Armageddon moments in the comments, and if you have a drinking game based on the movie, we want to hear about that, too!