American Horror Story: Apocalypse - Michael searches for meaning as the Antichrist

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Nov 1, 2018, 11:10 AM EDT

In This Episode...

Michael is despondent when he discovers Mead is dead. He draws a circle in the dirt in the woods and threatens to stay there until his father appears to tell him what to do next. After four days, hallucinations send him wandering the city. He finds himself in a Satanic temple, where a woman named Madeline takes pity and brings him home to feed him. She feeds him all the Satanic rhetoric, and he says that he is the one she is waiting for, the Antichrist. She doesn't believe him, and threatens to kill him — until she sees the 666 mark behind his ear. Then she drops to her knees.

He is brought back to the Satanic temple, where he sacrifices a couple young do-gooders. The Satanists devote themselves to him, but Michael still feels lost. Madeline takes him up the coast to visit a couple of robotics pioneers, named Mutt and Jeff, who are also Satanists. They build him the Mead robot.

A boring middle episode.

Tonight's episode had a lot of whining, a lot of exposition, and took a lot of time to hit a few very minor points. We didn't need to spend half the episode with Mutt and Jeff to find out that they are the ones who built the Mead robot. We didn't need to spend the other half of the episode chilling with Satanists. This was clearly a showcase for Sandra Bernhardt. And while she killed it, there was nothing pertinent that was revealed.

Black Phillip!

We got a cameo from Black Phillip, the black goat who turned out to be the earthly visage of the devil in The Witch. Unfortunately, Black Phillip in AHS is killed, dismembered, and has snakes crawling out of his wounds.

Sandra Bernhardt is the perfect Satanic priestess.

She was the epitome of Sandra Bernhardt, which was perfect for the role. Not because Satanists are necessarily loud and boisterous; they are not. She was just great in the role. It was a pleasure watching her.

Mutt and Jeff

Mutt and Jeff was the very first American comic strip, published just after the turn of the 20th century. The robotics geeks are clearly named for them, though I am not sure why. Mutt is a scoundrel who teams up with Jeff, an escaped mental patient, for a series of get-rich-quick schemes. Plus, in the show, Mutt and Jeff had the worst haircuts I have ever seen. Ever. They were like the worst versions of bowl cuts. I don't know why they had matching haircuts.