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New American Horror Story: Apocalypse photos give us a look at rookie characters

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Sep 11, 2018, 10:40 PM EDT

The Apocalypse is nigh. Tomorrow night is the premiere of the eighth season of American Horror Story, with the highly anticipated Murder House/Coven crossover, and FX has released a big batch of character photos. There is a lot to be gleaned from these photos (see them in the gallery below). Although some actors (like Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters) will play at least one previous character from other installments, all the character images feature the characters that are new to the series.

The thing that is most striking about these photos is that the characters look like they are dressed in Interview With the Vampire cosplay. None of these characters have been in a nuclear bomb; none have been chased by zombies; none have encountered a fast-moving virus. Everything is very lush, romantic, and showing no signs of being in an apocalyptic scenario. There are also a lot of purples represented in the clothing. The color of royalty....

Also of note are the newcomers to the series. Kyle Allen (The Path, XX) plays Timothy Campbell. Ashley Santos (Thirst, We All Fall Down) plays Emily. Joan Collins (Dynasty) plays Evie Gallant. New to the series — but not to Hollywood — Collins is posed before a grand staircase, not too dissimilar to the staircase she used to descend grandly in Dynasty. There is no way that is a coincidence.

Cody Fern (American Crime Story, the upcoming season of House of Cards) will play Michael Langdon. This is a significant role, as he is playing the child that Vivien Harmon births at the end of Murder House. Clearly, he is older than 8 years old, which would be roughly how old the child would be if the show kept to a traditional timeline. We know that Apocalypse is only set about 18 months in the future, so what does that leave? Magic!

Series star Sarah Paulson, who has appeared in every season of the show and is nominated for an Emmy for her performance in last season's installment, Cult, recently spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about the upcoming season. On Cody Fern, she says, "Cody Fern is a really extraordinary actor, and he has some great stuff to do. Working with him has been really exciting and fun."

Paulson, who is also directing her first episode this year, went on to mention that, for the first time, she played two different characters on the same day. "Although they are not interacting with one another, I shot one in the morning and a different character in the evening," she says. Previously, Paulson had shot her roles in AHS: Hotel and American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson at the same time, but they were on different shows. Also on Hotel, she played two different characters in one episode, but they were shot on different days. "So this is the first morning where I started as one character and ended the day on another one."

American Horror Story: Apocalypse premieres tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 12, on FX.