American Horror Story: Apocalypse selects a new Supreme, sees familiar faces return

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Oct 11, 2018, 11:50 AM EDT

**SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers lurk below for American Horor Story: Apocalypse Season 8 Episode 5, "Boy Wonder."** 

In This Episode...

We are still pre-apocalypse in this episode. After collapsing upon seeing Queenie and Madison alive, Cordelia has a vision of the apocalypse and a white-faced demon presiding over the wasteland. She wakes and decides that "our only hope of surviving depends on what I do next." Because of this, she decides that Langdon will face the Seven Wonders. Myrtle strenuously objects; the warlocks are all pleased. Well, most of them.

John Henry still has a bad feeling about Langdon and decides he needs to go to New Orleans to speak with Cordelia. Chablis thinks he is jealous of Langdon's power; John Henry says he is scared. He stops for gas and helps a sweet older lady fill up her car — only to have his Achilles' heels cut, his neck slit, and his body set on fire. This is Mead, and after this, she rushes back to the bunker, where she meets Langdon outside and assures him she took care of him. She also informs her son that they have an ally in Ariel — just don't tell him about his father. Ariel is taking Langdon's side on this because he is tired of the witches having more power than the warlocks.

When the witches return to the bunker for the Seven Wonders, it is presented as an old-timey filmstrip. He breezes through the first six Wonders, but on the seventh, descensum, in which he must project his soul into the afterlife, Cordelia wants him to conquer it and bring back Misty from perdition. The warlocks don't approve of this, because this isn't what the final test is supposed to be. Langdon confidently decides to give it a try — and he returns with Misty. Cordelia is dismayed, but fair. Langdon will be the next Supreme — or Alpha, as a male is called. She then collapses. Earlier she revealed to Myrtle that she was dying, and now that a new Supreme has been selected, Ariel points out that the old one must fade away.

However, Cordelia later reveals to her girls that this was all part of her plan. She doesn't trust Langdon, and needed to see how strong he is. Plus, he gave her all her girls back. Stevie Nicks shows up and sings for the coven (but not the warlocks), then Cordelia pulls Madison aside and sends her to look for dirt on Langdon. Chablis overhears this and wants to come. He has his own concerns about Langdon. Cordelia sends them to where it all began: the Murder House.

Stevie Nicks

I still feel like Nicks is wasted in AHS. Like her appearance in Coven, tonight she literally showed up to sing a song. That's it. No witchcraft, no lines, nothing. When she appeared in two episodes in Season 3, the exact same thing happened. It's just weird.

Coco and her gluten thing

Coco may hate her ability to sense when things have gluten in them, but she could make a killing with a skill like that. As she said, all the women in Beverly Hills are desperate to avoid gluten, for no other reason than that they have some misguided idea that if they avoid gluten, they will lose weight. Of course, it takes Cordelia to clue her in that she can sense danger, not necessarily just gluten. Her brother had celiac disease; the Beverly Hills housewives did not. No danger for them. If anyone else had this gift, I would wonder why they didn't sense the end of the world coming. But with Coco, I just assume it is because she is so self-centered she figured she just ate some bad sushi or something.

Misty in perdition

She is stuck is a Sisyphean cycle: She reincarnates a dissection frog in a biology class, only to have her teacher force her to vivisect it. The vivisection, of course, kills the frog, and Misty, in her agony at bringing pain to a living creature, heals it. Then the whole scene starts over again.

Respectable levels of gore

In the cold open, Cordelia is attacked by mutant lepers, who take big, meaty bites of her flesh. There is John Henry's murder, which isn't particularly gory, but then we get the biology teacher's death, where he is literally trying to stuff bloated chunks of intestines into the gaping hole in his torso. He does not succeed, and collapses into a puddle of his own offal.