American Horror Story: Apocalypse takes us back to where the horror started

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Oct 17, 2018, 11:00 PM EDT

SPOILERS AHEAD for American Horror Story: Apocalypse Episode 6: "Return to Murder House"...

Madison and Chablis buy the Murder House, perform a spell, and bring down the veil between the living and the dead. They meet all the old inhabitants: Ben, Constance, Tate, Violet, and Moira, in their search for the truth about Michael Langdon.

Constance starts things off. When Vivien died in childbirth, Constance took the surviving twin, Michael, her grandson, and raised him. He was a murderer from an early age, starting with flies when he was an infant. He moved up to rats and cats, and killed his nanny by the time he was potty-trained. She thought at this point, she was raising a "garden-variety serial killer," but one morning she went into his room to wake him, and discovered he had aged a decade overnight. Shortly thereafter, Constance woke to find Michael strangling her. It was as if he was possessed, and when he realized what he was doing, he stopped and cried. That was enough for Constance. She wanted to go out on her own terms, so she went next door, to the Murder House, and killed herself so she could be with her other children.

Ben picks up the story from there. He first met Michael after Constance killed herself. Even though he wasn't Ben's son, Ben still thought of him as his son, and quickly became a mentor to the boy, who moved into the Murder House. Ben wanted to teach Michael to be good. When Tate finds Michael examining the Rubber Man mask, he freaks out, claiming even he could not create something as monstrous as Michael. Ben saw him starting to turn towards the dark side.

The house is sold (to an interracial lesbian couple - talk about checking all the boxes) and Michael kills them almost immediately - while dressed as Rubber Man. Ben tries to convince him he should have given the women a chance; now they will be stuck here forever. Michael can't have that, and he lights their souls on fire. Destroyed their souls.

As Madison and Chablis are about to leave, Vivien shows up, to fill out the rest of the horror show that is Michael. Three cloaked figures came to the house one day. One of them is Anton LaVey, head of the Satanic church, who faked his own death "to prepare for this day." He has two acolytes with him - one of whom is Mead. To Vivien, it seemed like a bad joke - until they held a black mass. After abducting a young woman from a bus stop and bringing her back to the Murder House, the third acolyte stabs the woman, and Anton reaches in through her abdomen and rips out her heart. The heart is presented to Michael, and he eats it with relish. As he does, a demonic shadow appears on the wall behind him. "Father, we are with you now," he says.

It was at this point that Vivien decided to kill Michael. She creeps into his bedroom, a knife in her hand. He is not asleep; he waits. As she approaches, a fire erupts behind him, threatening to consume Vivien. Tate saves her. Michael left the next morning, and Vivien never saw him again. Vivien doesn't know who continued to raise him, but she knows that he wasn't Tate's child; he was born of this house, this evil... and his true father is here to destroy the world.

All your favorites were back in this episode

In addition to Vivien, Ben, Tate, Violet, and Constance, we saw Constance's other son, Beau, and who I presume was her daughter. Addy wasn't there - she didn't die in the house. But we did see Michael cutting up Elizabeth Short - aka the Black Dahlia - who was killed in the house by the home's original owner. I have to assume he is carving up Elizabeth's ghost, because the Black Dahlia was killed in the 1940s. Billie Dean was back in this episode - though she had no real reason to be there.

The Moira story was pointless

Before Constance will tell the tale of Michael, she wants Moira removed from the house. Madison and Chablis dig up her bones from the yard and bury her with her mother in a cemetery. Moira is grateful, and when she is reunited with her mother, she admits that she pulled the plug. Mom took it as a sign of love and they walk off into the mist together. It was weirdly sappy and it felt out of place in the middle of the depravity of the show.

Bad grammar kills

When Michael stops choking Constance, and is crying when he realized what he did, he says, "Can I have a glass of water?" Through her own tears, Constance corrects him: "May I?" Even on the brink of being murdered, Constance still correct his grammar. Reminds me of my own mother.

It turns out, Madison isn't quite as bitchy as she thinks she is

Before she and Chablis leave the Murder House, Madison sees Violet crying in a corner. She goes over to speak to her, and finds out that Violet is upset that she still loves Tate, despite what a "monster" he is. Madison tells her that the house used Tate as a vessel for evil. Once Michael left, he took Tate's "evil" with him. She tells Violet about how he saved her mother, and Violet is hopeful again. When Madison leaves, she sees Violet and Tate snuggling in an upstairs window. Chablis is touched; Madison blows it off.

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