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American Horror Story: Forbidden Fruit brings the Coven into the Apocalypse

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Sep 26, 2018, 11:00 PM EDT

In American Horror Story: Apocalypse Episode 3: "Forbidden Fruit"...

A mysterious delivery shows up from the Sanctuary: a case of fresh apples. Venable and Mead decide that the only way to ensure they are invited to join the Sanctuary is if everyone else is dead, they poison the apples, then hold a Halloween party in which all the guests bob for apples. They all eat at the same time, and die violent, vomit-soaked deaths. When Venable and Mead confront Langdon, he seems to know what is going on, and thinks that Venable maybe is Sanctuary material. He then reveals that he had programmed Mead with the poison apple plot. It was his idea all along. Mead raises a gun to Langdon, but Langdon seems to mentally "push" Mead into turning the gun on Venable, shooting her.

Brock is still alive, apparently, and he is looking for his beloved girlfriend, Coco. He hitches a ride beneath the Sanctuary carriage and finds his way to the Outpost. After killing the crazy-tall guard, he steals her ID and sneaks into the Outpost. Once there, he dresses in a full costume and lures Coco into a bedroom. He reveals himself, and kills her by stabbing her in the forehead with a knife.

Three mysterious figures waltz through the apocalyptic landscape and into the Outpost. Cordelia, Madison, and Myrtle are back, and they did not need any hazmat gear. In the Outpost, Cordelia instructs her coven to "find their sisters." They lay out Mallory, Dinah, and Coco, and Cordelia literally breathes life into them.

The coven returns!

Well, three members of the coven: Madison, Cordelia, and Myrtle. They are there to revive three of their own: Mallory, Dinah, and Coco. How convenient that all three of them were in the same outpost. Did other witches, like Queenie and Nan, get incinerated by the blast? There has to be a point of no return for a corpse.

Shout out to Scream Queens?

In the final scene of the episode, Madison crouches over Mallory's newly reanimated corpse and says, "Surprise bitch. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me." Either they have a previous relationship we will find out about next week, or the producers are referencing another Ryan Murphy TV show, Scream Queens, in which Emma Roberts (Madison) played Chanel #1, and Billie Lourd (Mallory) played Chanel #3.

So... Langdon is the son of the devil?

That was certainly a very demonic face he made when he confronted Mallory. It would also explain the bloody pentagram he drew while cutting himself and chanting. And I imagine the Sanctuary he is building is a bastion of evil, a new Hell on Earth. So that's fun.

And apparently Andre is still around, and is Dinah's son.

This is mentioned in passing. I keep forgetting Andre exists. He is such a useless character. If he had any purpose, we would have known earlier that he was Dinah's son.

Does anyone wonder where the snakes come from?

In the opening sequence, it appears that the snakes are borne from Langdon's blood. But if Venable doesn't know who or what Langdon is, isn't she at all curious as to where the snakes came from? She didn't know where they came from before they were chopped up and served for dinner. Has she just accepted they are a part of the new world order?