Amunet, crowdsourcing and a new plan to take on Devoe in the latest Flash

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May 9, 2018, 12:31 AM EDT

Team Flash is still trying to figure out a way to stop Devoe’s endgame, and this week that journey took them to the doorstep of Amunet Black. As usual, Katee Sackhoff brings the goods.

Spoilers ahead for “Harry and the Harrisons,” the latest episode of The CW’s Flash, which aired Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

This one checked off the team-up box by adding Amunet to the roster of Team Flash for a wild mission to acquire and create a new weapon that could stop Devoe’s stupefying satellites. Sackhoff clearly has a great time with the character, and brings a boatload of charm and chemistry to the role. Her uneasy friendship with Caitlin takes a step forward, while the team is roped into helping Amunet reclaim a bit of her criminal empire along the way.

With the team looking for any angle to battle Devoe’s busload of new meta human powers, they come to the realization that Amunet’s unique metal-controlling abilities should operate free of Devoe’s meta human influence. Devoe could hack and sabotage any technology they use against him, but Amunet’s metal-tossing abilities are tech-free. So, in theory, they should be outside of his power set when it comes time to potentially blow up those satellites. Though Amunet sadly doesn’t stick around to help the team over the next two episodes, she does whip them up some special meta projectile that should be able to blow up Devoe’s satellites. A bit of a copout, especially considering they just helped her shut down her underground usurper and reacquire all her stolen property, but hey — a projectile is better than nothing.

Along with thinking outside the box and working with a villain, Iris has a fresh idea to take a new angle in the battle with Devoe: Go public. Considering the urgency of the threat, Iris writes an article about Devoe and lays bare all the pieces of the investigation Team Flash has figured out up to this point (but seriously, the people of Central City just believe everything they read in a blog?). From Devoe’s identity, to his nefarious plan, it’s all out in the public now. It’s an interesting emotion at the heart of the question, really — can the people be trusted with the information? Should the public be trusted with this information? How will the public react? Will it be mass chaos? Will the public rally around the Scarlet Speedster? It’s a question we see asked quite a bit in the real world, concerning how well the public can discern and react to hard situations.

Lucky for Team Flash, it seems the public at large is more than willing to help, and it looks like that could be the break the team has been waiting for. The episode ends with Iris positively inundated with tips from the public, with the implication that Devoe can no longer hide now that Team Flash has an entire city full of eyes.

Assorted musings


*The new, more emotional Council of Harrisons was a ton of fun, and it’s always a treat when Tom Cavanagh gets to play around with the different versions of that character from across the multiverse. But aside from being fodder for some cheap jokes, this council really does tap into a part of Harry that he’d seemingly lost touch with decades ago. He’s finally thinking with his heart, with emotions, and it just might give the team the break they needed. He gets onto the idea that Devoe’s wife could be in the wind, and as viewers already know, he’s right on the money.

*Caitlin is still trying to tap into her inner-Killer Frost, and after her heart-to-heart with Amunet, comes to realize the answer really might be inside of her. Best guess? Killer Frost will come through in the eleventh hour to save the day.

*Having Barry literally phase through poison was a cool move. Interesting use of his power set for sure.

Next week: There are only two episodes left, and it looks like Devoe is finally ready to strike with his master plan to make the world at large a bunch of dum-dums.