Amusing infographic charts the quality of Comic-Con's Spidey cosplay

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Jul 19, 2013, 1:16 PM EDT

In the swell of geeky costumes at San Diego Comic-Con, is there anything to be learned? Yes.

If you got to enough conventions, you start to see patterns emerging. Certain costumes get more love than others, some are easier to pull off, there are many that are done by both genders.

Tim Leong was able to see through the mass of Slave Leias, Doctors and Deadpools and achieve true cosplay enlightenment. And what better to do with that wisdom than to make a series of infographics about costumes? Pacman character distribution, baldness of Professor X cosplayers and, as you saw above, the quality of Spider-Man costumes. 

You can check out all of them here. But, before you do, tell us -- what cosplay tendencies have you noticed at SDCC this year?

(via Wired)