Amy Adams gets up close and personal in new Arrival clip

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Nov 13, 2016, 12:42 AM EST (Updated)

In Arrival, aliens have landed on Earth, and we have no idea why they’re here. What, exactly, is their purpose? It would be a simple question — if only we spoke Alien (or they spoke English).

Enter Dr. Louise Banks, played by Amy Adams. She’s a linguist with a tragic past and a security clearance. She’s soon asked to communicate with this unknown species. In this clip, below, we see her on her first attempt.

Louise approaches the aliens holding a white board with her name written on it. When she realizes that her environment suit is a barrier to communication, she removes it — to the dismay of her colleagues. She then approaches the seven-fingered (I counted) creatures for a proper introduction. 

It’s a brief clip, but it gives us a good look at what to expect from the film: a linguist who wants to do the best job she can, the only way she knows how. We also get a look at the nifty circular shapes that make up the alien language.

Will Louise learn to speak Alienese? We’ll know more when Arrival arrives in theaters on Nov. 11.  

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