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Amy Adams may not be done playing Lois Lane in the DCEU after all, though really, who knows?

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

It looks as though Amy Adams may not in fact be done playing Lois Lane for the DC Extended Universe, though, if she’s being honest, she has no idea. Although the actress recently suggested that, as far as she knew, she was done playing the Daily Planet reporter and Superman’s love interest, a new interview has her saying, maybe she’ll return to the role. 

Earlier this month, Adams, who played Lois Lane in Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, said in a one-on-one talk with actress and Aquaman star Nicole Kidman: “I think I’m out of the DC Universe now. I think they’re revamping that. I don’t know the details.”

But in an interview with Den of Geek, Adams clarified her statement, emphasizing the “I don’t know the details,” portion of her comments. 

"You know what's funny? I actually don't know. I haven't had any official conversation with anybody,” Adams told Den of Geek. “I was just talking with Nicole Kidman about it, and I was like, 'Oh, I guess I've got to be careful what I say!' But yeah, I haven't had any word officially.”

So, Adam’s initial remarks weren’t indicating that she had quit or was done with the DCEU so much as she hadn’t heard anything from Warner Bros. and was under the impression that the studio was moving in another direction with future Superman films. It’s not at all surprising that Adams is in the dark as to where Warner Bros. is going with its DC characters for the big screen. Heck, we wouldn’t be surprised if the studio’s senior executives still didn’t know what exactly to do with the remnants of the DC Universe established by Zack Snyder’s superhero films. 

After all, a report came out in September revealing that Henry Cavill was out as Superman — though neither Cavill nor the studio have confirmed (Cavill eventually responded with a cryptic Instagram post suggesting he may not be done playing the role, while Aquaman himself Jason Momoa has recently said that no, Cavill is still on board as the Man of Steel).

Regardless of whether Adams is or out as Lois Lane — or whether Cavill is still playing her nigh-indestructible paramour, or heck, whether Joe Manganiello will star in a standalone Deathstroke movie — it sounds as though the (potential) cast members of future DC movies are among the last people to know where Warner Bros. is going with these characters. 

(Via Den of Geek)