Amy Adams' Lois Lane in Man of Steel will be ... a redhead?

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Dec 15, 2012

Lois Lane's gone through many changes in the comics over the decades, but there's always been one constant—she's never been a blonde. Her hair has sometimes been brown, and sometimes black. (Although, considering the way comics are colored, that black was really more of a blue.)

So when Amy Adams was hired as Lois in Man of Steel, we all assumed that somewhere along the way, between her casting and the start of filming, she'd trade her strawberry locks for Lois' traditional look. But based on the pic below, which shows her filming a scene on the set in Indiana, Lois is going to be a blonde this time around.

We'll all for color-blind casting—but not when it comes to some of the most famous hair in comics!

What's next? Superman with a mohawk?

Is it just us? Or are you also hoping Adams will go dark by the time we actually see her on the big screen?

(via Cinema Blend)

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