An all-new Batsuit is revealed in Batman #41

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Jun 10, 2015

Ever wondered what Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon would be wearing underneath his new mech-tech Batman armor? Some cool bat-underwear, perhaps? Well, let's find out.

In today’s issue of Batman, #41, it's revealed that Jim Gordon actually wears a second, skin-tight suit underneath the massive armor. The new, all-black outfit features a bright yellow outline of the bat-symbol, but no cape. And from what I can see, Gordon doesn’t wear a utility belt, per se, either, but rather something that looks like a gun holster (he also sports one around the right thigh) for what looks to be a Taser or stun gun.

The new DC comic-book issue also establishes what the new status quo is for Jim Gordon’s Batman and Gotham City:

"You won't be police, you'll work with them. With the local governments, and the people, too. You'll be a Batman that has checks and balances. You'll be a better Batman, better for this Gotham, this moment. Something inspiring."

Check out the slick new Batman suit in the gallery below, and let us know what you think. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman #41 hits comic-book shelves today. Will you pick this one up?

(via Comic Book Resources, Comic Book)

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