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An ode to Michael B Jordan: his fandom loves and history of geeky roles

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Sep 20, 2018, 1:00 PM EDT

How much do we love Michael B. Jordan? Let us count the ways. He has a killer smile framed with deep dimples and piercing dark eyes that make millions of knees around the universe go weak. He inspires us to perspire every time he steps out in a suit or pops up in a press interview.

Jordan is in the midst of an acting career stride, but he still seems like an incredibly grounded, witty man with close ties to his family. Oh, and we also appreciate the rock-solid body he’s been rockin’ since he first donned boxing gloves in 2015’s Creed. But his history with sci-fi, anime, comics, and gaming firmly cements his spot as a top-tier man-crush for fangirls around the world.

Jordan has certainly dabbled in the science fiction and comic realm as an actor. In 2012, he portrayed Steve, a popular teenager who inexplicably gained telekinetic and flying powers, in the found-footage sci-fi thriller Chronicle. At that point, Jordan was a familiar face from previous roles on shows like HBO's The Wire, but he hadn’t nabbed a breakthrough role to confirm his status as a full-fledged acting powerhouse and certified bae. He did, however, meet the man who would help him gain movie fame and also become his close friend around this time — director Ryan Coogler.

They obviously formed an awesome bro-ship, which was no doubt influenced by their shared love for comic books. Jordan has an affinity for Marvel where his favorite character Black Bolt resides, but he’s now known in the cinematic universe as the sexy, problematic Black Panther villain Killmonger.

Jordan says he read Black Panther comics as a kid and mentally prepped to portray Killmonger by checking out Heath Ledger’s Joker and Michael Fassbender’s Magneto. So it’s obvious that he loves comic-inspired movies and appreciates picking up new knowledge from his fellow fans. He’s almost like us, except unbelievably attractive.

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Killmonger’s half-shaved locks and ripped body are a clear ode to the comic character’s portrayal, but his military-inspired outfit has hints of Jordan’s love for anime. He was delighted when fans spotted how Killmonger is suspiciously dressed like Dragon Ball Z’s Vegeta, which is one of his favorite series.

His love for anime has been expressed for years in tweets about fantastic shows like Naruto, Bleach, and Inuyasha. He even admitted to Vogue Magazine that Tokyo tops his travel goals list because “anime is the best.” We’d pack our bags in a heartbeat to be his travel buddy!

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Anime is a great escape from the daily grind for many fans including Jordan, who admitted to the great and powerful Oprah that it's his favorite day-off activity. He not only watches shows like One Punch Man and My Hero Academia (per Instagram creeping), but he also faithfully reads manga online. The anime love runs deep in this weeb and he’s not ashamed to declare it to the world. Your nerd game is strong and loud, MBJ, and we aren’t mad about it at all.

Michael’s personal loves and professional life continue to blend seamlessly in more ways than one. He recently brought the classic dystopian drama Fahrenheit 451 to the small-screen as protagonist Guy Montag, and he’s taking on his first mecha anime/sci-fi voice role as main character and fighter pilot Julian Chase in Rooster Teeth’s upcoming project gen:LOCK. The series will be produced by his company Outlier Society, which gained notoriety after adopting an inclusion rider to put women and/or people of color in various creative roles within each project. We'll get a chance to see this in action when Outlier adapts the comic Raising Dion for the small screen. The story focuses on Dion, a Black boy with telekinetic powers, and his widowed mother as she tries to protect her son.

Right now, Jordan’s production eye can be seen in the recent feature release KIN, a science-fiction thriller about two brothers in a futuristic society who are on the run from danger.

Michael B Jordan sci-fi

So, what’s next on his list? If MBJ has it his way, the next move will involve creating a video game. The avid gamer previously lent his voice to Gears of War 3 as Jace Stratton and was featured in NBA2K17 as a player called Young Justice. In fact, his love for basketball stems from his personal life as a former baller in school and a mega Michigan State fan. He hosts the MBJam, a family-friendly carnival featuring basketball among other activities, to raise money for LupusLA. Michael started the event in honor of his mother Donna who has battled lupus for years. Just when you think he can’t get any hotter, he finds a way to seem dangerously close to perfection.

All of this awesomeness is more than enough to overlook that 2015 movie about four fantastic people that shall not be named ever again. It’s OK, Michael, you gave us the ultimate gift that keeps on giving: Creed.

Cheers to MBJ, the baest of all baes, the smasher of villainous Marvel roles, the commander of telekinetic powers, the fearless fan of anime, connoisseur of comics, hardcore gamer, the producer of inclusive sci-fi content, the only man who makes burning books look hot in more ways than one, and one of our future favorite anime protagonists. In our eyes, he’s the perfect man crush for any day that ends in Y.  

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