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An up-close look at Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke

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Mar 26, 2021, 10:00 PM EDT (Updated)

The best part of the newest DCEU edition, Justice League, came after the movie ended. That’s not a dig at the box-office disappointment, but a celebration of the reveal of Joe Manganiello's villainous Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke.

While the superhero series has had a rocky critical and financial reception, its individuals have thus far been stronger entries than its competition/team-up outings. Posted on Manganiello’s Twitter account on Friday, a photo of Deathstroke in full costume from the after-credits scene at the end of Justice League teases the character’s importance in later films.

After Wilson and Lex Luthor have a sinister conversation after the credits, the rumors started flying about an Injustice League movie bubbling up from the aftermath of Flashpoint and Aquaman. Manganiello’s gruff scruff and technologically crafty eyepatch (not to mention that big blade on his back) offer plenty of reason to be excited, whether for his continued cameos or his starring role in an announced Deathstroke movie from bloody brawl The Raid’s director, Gareth Evans.

While Manganiello has been coy about the amount of involvement he or his character will have in the future of the DCEU -- especially after Ben Affleck’s tumultuous relationship with the Batman films -- this post should assuage fears. Why post a high-res photo if you were being cut from the series? Confidence and cool promise more reasons to get excited about the DC crew, even if it may end up in disappointment.