An official Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover? Make it so!

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Dec 16, 2012

Ever dreamed of seeing Doctor Who's TARDIS materialize on the bridge of the Enterprise? Or the Doctor going head to head with one of your favorite Star Trek captains? Well, all your dreams are finally about to come true. But there's a tiny catch.

See, the crossover will officially happen, but it'll be in comic book form. Still, the news has us giddy with excitement, 'cause it's a match made in geek heaven.

According to Bleeding Cool, comic book publisher IDW will publish a Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover series this coming May.

The Doctor and his faithful companions Amy and Rory will join the crew of the Starship Enterprise, which includes Capt. Picard, Cmdr. Will Riker, Worf, Data, Geordi LaForge, Deanna Troi and the rest of the crew.

The ├╝ber-cool art pic previewed below (click on it to view it at a larger size) shows the Doctor, Rory and Amy on the bridge of the Enterpise-D. It is said to be one of the covers that will be used in the series.

An official announcement is expected in about a week, when IDW is set to attend the Gallifrey One convention in the U.K.

While Star Trek's had plenty of crossover action before with other comic book franchises, such as the X-Men and, more recently, the Legion of Superheroes, it'll be a first for Doctor Who, who's never really engaged in officially sanctioned crossovers.

As some of you may know, once upon a time, when Doctor Who finally made its long-awaited, triumphant return to our TV screens and Star Trek: Enterprise was still on the air, former Who showrunner Russell T Davies had plans to pitch a live-action crossover between the two beloved sci-fi franchises.

However, Enterprise was canceled, and Davies' dream plans fell through.

With no other Trek series on TV right now, we guess the IDW comic book crossover is as good as we're gonna get. For now.

What are your hopes for this series? Do you want to see an adversarial relationship between the Doctor and Capt. Picard, or do you think we'll see them unite against a common enemy? Will the Borg and Cybermen unite to form a team made in cyber-hell? Or could the Time Lords and Q bring their own brand of mischief to the Enterprise and TARDIS crews?

(via Bleeding Cool)