… and hello, Boulder!

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May 28, 2007

We made it!

The Bad family is in Boulder. Our house is empty, and the truck with our furniture won't get here until Thursday. That means I won't have internet at home until Friday, so until then I get to do the yuppie wireless-at-the-local-coffeeshop thing.

First, let me thank everyone for the well wishes on the previous post. I really appreciate it. I've entered a weird meta-stage of blogging now where I get emails about the comments on my posts. My mom thinks you are all very cool.

Second, let me say that the drive between California and Colorado is incredibly beautiful. The things we saw! For example, in Nevada, we saw over a dozen dust devils. One we saw from over 15 miles away, and when we got closer we thought we saw a fire next to it. It turns out the "fire" was a second, far larger devil:

The scale of this was amazing; it was at least 100 meters across at the base. Here's a close-up:

Please excuse the foreground fuzzies; northern Nevada has its fair share of bugs, and at 75 mph a car's windshield imparts quite a bit of kinetic energy to the typical exoskeleton.

Then we went through Utah, and up into Wyoming:

I can't imagine why geologists and archaeologists love Wyoming so much.

Then, we saw a good sign:

And then, finally:


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