SPOILER: And Doctor Who's River Song will be marrying [REDACTED]

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Dec 15, 2012

The explosive finale of Doctor Who's sixth season is fast approaching (it's tomorrow—not that we're excited about it or anything), and with a title like ''The Wedding of River Song,'' one thing we know for sure is that River Song's getting married. But the question on everyone's lips is: WHO will she get married to? [*Major spoilers ahead*]

For all you Whovians and casual Doctor Who fans alike, if you just can't possibly wait until tomorrow to see who Professor—or Doctor, as she's currently known in her personal timeline—River Song (played with zest and charm by the wonderful Alex Kingston) will marry in tomorrow's finale, then you can just scroll down a bit further to see.

Are you sure you want to know?

Are you truly, really ready for this?

***Again, major spoilers ahead***

Right, if you're here now, then it's because you want to know. Still, we urge you to take this with a tiny wee bit of salt until all is confirmed when ''The Wedding of River Song'' airs tomorrow, of course.

According to an article from the Press Association, and reported by Doctor Who TV, River Song will marry none other than our favorite Time Lord, aka the Doctor (Matt Smith) himself!

Here's the story:

Doctor Who moves in for a River snog as he appears to seal his marriage - after hundreds of years of being single.

Viewers will see him apparently become an honest Time Lord as the BBC1 series comes to a climax on Saturday night.

The Doctor (Matt Smith) and River Song (Alex Kingston) lock lips as they appear to tie the knot watched by Amy and Rory.

But as ever, fans will be left wondering to the end whether all is as it seems in an episode which sees time stand still.

The final episode of the sci-fi show draws to a close the story of the Doctor's date with destiny as he prepares to die on the shores of Lake Silencio. And the identity of the astronaut which rose from the lake in episode one to strike the Doctor down is revealed.

Shocker! As if most of us didn't already figure that one out just yet.

We've got to admit that we all kinda saw that denouement coming. It was always there nagging at us at the back of our minds ever since ''The Silence in the Library'' and ''Forest of the Dead,'' way back when in season four. Even then, we all knew that the mysterious River Song was more than just a companion to the Doctor (then played by David Tennant) when she made it known to him that she knew his real name.

And since we already reported more than a month ago that the Doctor was getting married in the finale, we're not in the least bit surprised that the couple tying the knot are the Doctor and River.

However, we're sure it's not going to be as simple as River becoming Mrs. Doctor—'cause with Doctor Who and Steven Moffat at the helm, nothing is ever quite as simple as that.

So—are you planning to wear anything special for the upcoming nuptials? More importantly, are you excited about the Doctor Who finale tomorrow?

(via Doctor Who TV)

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