Super Grandma, Game of Thrones, Jewel Staite—and more!

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Dec 14, 2012

Pick a genre, any genre! You like superheroes? We got superheroes. Fantasy or comic-book movies? Step right through. Sci-fi TV and film? We're your one-stop shop, just click away. Cowboys? Pirates? Avast, pardner: They're all here in this week's roundup of Hottest Stories and Best Comments!

Our story: 91-year-old grandma turns superhero to battle depression

Your best comment: the simple fact that she survived ww2 and managed to save 10 people makes her a real hero. good for you sweetheart! there are people alive today because of her actions. its stories like this lady that makes any fictional hero pale to whatever the author can come up with. — cade1957

Our story: 1st epic pics from George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones miniseries

Your best comment: The Cast looks astounding...*sigh* ugh, except for Lena Headly. I just *can't* get behind her as Cercei Lannister. I've said it from the start, she should have been cast as Caitlyn Stark, not Cercei. She just does not match any of the physical descriptions made in the novels, where-as almost every other actor/actress matches thier characters almost to the T. Cercei is Tall, Haughty, and Voluptuous. matter how you dress her up just looks too...athletic for Cercei. Still, she *is* an amazing actress, so maybe her skill elsewhere will draw me to the character as much as I was with her in the Novels. Overall, this series is going to be phenomical, and I hope it has all the success of True Blood and then some. — SciFiAddict28

Our story: Which of these 6 women will star in The Dark Knight Rises?

Your best comment: For smegging out loud!! I wish they would stoptrying to give Batman a girlfriend and focus on story lines and the villian of the movie. I was glad they killed off the last one in the movie, it put the focus back on the main people, Batman and the villian. Enough said. — growger

Our story: 13 awesome and awful pilots for sci-fi series we never got to see

Your best comment: Having just watched that clip of the American Red Dwarf I have to say we dodged a bullet with that one, and thank goodness it never came to pass. Neither the writing nor the acting compare favorably to the original, and the laugh track just brought the thing down more. Not even having Robert Llewellen reprise his role from the British series helped any. It actually came across more as a Sid and Marty Kroft production that had its budget slashed. — RichardY

Our story: 1st look at the full-length Green Lantern trailer

Your best comment: In brightest day, in blackest night,
The costume inseam looks too tight.
One thing at least, though, will not bite:
CGI seams won't split--alright!!
— Goldilocks

Our story: Jewel Staite: Stargate stunts, my favorite superpower and more

Your best comment: Girl, I still can't believe that you turned down my invitation to a wine testing at my home in good ol' Germany while you were in Europe! I'm feeling sooo dejected. *dramatic pose* OK, I guess I'd have preferred a meeting with Alan Tudyk, too ;) Thanks for another great blog and seriously: all your posts make me so hungry, gotta go now and find some food for myself. — Mrs Smith

Our story: Medium canceled! The Event pulled! But Chuck (whew!) spies on

Your best comment: Not wanting to blow this conversation up, but ... NBC has said since day 1 that this was happening regardless of ratings. A lot of networks use the gap in the season to try out another new show and see how it does in a specific time-slot. Prison Break is a prime example of this, mainly used in the 1st half of the season before 24 came on in January. Nothing new here. There is no "re-tool" scheduled. The story here is Medium being cancelled, and that was a bubble show anyway.

Oh, and my wife & I both got sucked into Surface and were bummed by its demise. Never a fantastic show, but likeable and fun. Not every show has to be a brain-twisting odyssey ala Lost. Easy, simple fun can be just as entertaining. See also: Warehouse 13. — WheresWalt

Our story: 10 green sci-fi movies in which we learned how to live with less

Your best comment: This list should probably include Dune. The Fremen had precious little water, so they wore stillsuits. These contraptions recycled body fluids, preventing the moisture from evaporating into the atmosphere. Presumably, these suits also recycled urine, not unlike Waterworld's Mariner. Luckily, the Fremen also had the the Spice, the most precious commodity in the Universe. — nohater

Our story: Gaze in awe at the first 5 images from the Spider-Man musical

Your best comment: Kinda makes you wonder if all that webbing gets in the way of his Jazz Hands — Reph978

Our story: 1st Battle: LA trailer depicts a gut-wrenching alien invasion

Your best comment: Nothing quite like a good dust-up, with aliens or whoever. This movie looks pretty cool, so I am arming up: I've got the spaghetti strainer collander on my head like a battle-helmet, and my clobbering-club toilet plunger ready to howl! Kick butt, boys, bring those aliens on! — Hocker The Cat

Our story: Cowboys & Aliens vs. Pirates 4: Which has the best teaser poster?

Your best comment: The only interesting thing I can see about the Pirates poster is that for some reason the (I'm guessing) Jack Sparrow skull appears to be blonde? So maybe it's not him? But... what? Maybe someone just screwed up.

Either way, it makes no difference because there's only room for one Captain Jack in my heart. ::SighJohnBarrowman:: — ottoscorzato

Our story: Star Wars characters reimagined with typography

Your best comment: The Storm Trooper is the best one. I did not even realize it was letters and numbers and symbols at first. Looks great. — Math

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