Christian Bale bails, Jessica Alba considers quitting and more!

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Dec 14, 2012

It's the cold and flu season. If you're sick, or worried about getting sick, step inside the offices of Dr. Blastr. We'll inoculate you against the awfulness bug with our weekly Hottest Stories and Best Comments. This week's medication includes: Dark Knight, Doctor Who, Jessica Alba, Joss Whedon, Judge Dredd, Fringe, Michael Moorcock and more!

Our story: The Dark Knight Rises will be Christian Bale's last Batman film

Your best comment: Bale has always stated after both Batman Begins and TDK that he would only do another Batman movie so long as Chris Nolan was directing it, even though contractually he was obligated to do three. The only thing he said would change his mind was if Nolan added Robin into the mix, at which point he would have bailed no matter what. As much as I might wish that both of them would keep doing it, I seriously doubt they will do another. BUT, if another director comes along and shows the same respect for the source material, I think we will see more good Batman movies. And I think they could do Robin, if they can manage to do it seriously. Could you imagine "Death in the Family" and "A Lonely Place of Dying" as movies? Those would make great movies. — CrazyOkie

Our story: 14 set pics (plus video!) from Doctor Who's U.S. episode

Your best comment: All those Brits under the hot Nevada sun?!?!? The amount of money spent on SPF 50 must have been almost as big as the rest of their budget! — Bigalosu

Our story: Image of the Day: That creepy girl from The Ring then and now

Your best comment: See what happens when you use shampoo? — Drake

Our story: Why Fantastic Four made Jessica Alba want to 'stop acting'

Your best comment: Somehow, I don't think publicly denigrating the writers and directors with whom she has worked in the past is going to ingratiate Ms. Alba with potential future collaborators. Publicly calling out her past colleagues is not very classy. It sounds like she's burning bridges she may need to retreat across in the future. — nohater

Our story: Awesome alternate unseen Inception poster REVEALED

Your best comment: Yes, this poster was most likely not used because it doesn't offer any of the main actors face time in the promo material. Although it is awesome, there are contracts, etc. that stipulate who gets what level of promotion on entertainment advertising, who is first billed (L E O N A R D O, etc.) and who appears in what order (think Harry/Ron/Hermione positions on Harry Potter posters). Still a very cool concept piece though! — Quinn

Our story: Joss Whedon's hilarious reaction to that Buffy reboot announcement

Your best comment: This movie will be a crapfest. Buffy without Joss Whedon could be possible but without SM Gellar is impossible. The character is tied with her, everyone identifies Buffy with Gellar because of her own way of bringing the character to life. For those saying Whedon never made anything good should crawl out of their cave and stop watching One Tree Hill... Buffy, Angel, Firefly (We all know which network killed that show). Buffy had 7 seasons, Angel had 5, I think that says enough. — draakhs

Our story: First look at Karl Urban in the new Judge Dredd costume

Your best comment: I just want to see Karl Urban say, "I AM THE LAW!" Then my life will be complete. Well, maybe not, but it still would be amusing to have him give a nod to Stallone ... or a finger. — GeekboyATL

Our story: BREAKING: Fox moves Fringe to Fridays, fans fear the worst

Your best comment: Until advertisers and networks figure out a better way to make money off of these shows, this will be the fate of all non-reality, non-fluff television.

Reality shows are great because of the "water-cooler" effect. No one wants the results/show spoiled the next day so there are a lot of people who actually tune in to watch the show, hence watch the commercials and thus get the ratings to stay on the air. I DVR everything, as I like watching TV on my schedule not theirs, were networks to go to a HULU like model, show some ads up front, in the middle and at the end, perhaps I would be on board. If the ads were more creative and in line with the content, again, perhaps I would be more receptive. But the bottom line is that marketing people are generally clueless about the content. They take a narrow view of a product and reduce their ad effectiveness to how many eyes were put on it at a given time. On cable (commercial less cable), if people aren't watching, your show probably is not good. On network, unless you are getting people to watch drug company, or feminine hygiene product ads, you are in trouble. Gone are the days where the story trumped the ad, where people would only tolerate so much advertisement, where the ads were focused on shows that people had to tune in to. Late Night, Sporting Events, Reality Shows... Make your ad money from those and use it to produce high quality TV the rest of the time. — theApoclaypse

Our story: TV THIS WEEK: The Walking Dead heats up, SGU shocker & more!

Your best comment: I agree. Took me an extra hour to fall asleep after seeing that zombie attack, and I've been in real combat. Can't believe there are only two episodes left. Hopefully AMC doesn't make us wait to long for a 2nd season like SyFy does with their shows. — mmabri

Our story: What the BBC wouldn't let Michael Moorcock do with Doctor Who

Your best comment: As was the case with Neil Gaiman, I think that the BBC should pretty much let Moorcock do want he wants and be thankful for it. — fernando poo

Our story: Is Underworld 4's title and plot targeting the Twilight crowd?

Your best comment: "Cousin Oliver is that inexplicable kid added to the show's roster, probably in an attempt to liven up an aging cast." — hmmmmmmm

Our story: Mark Wahlberg's $#%@-filled apology (sort of) for The Happening

Your best comment: All I could think of while watching him in this movie was the SNL skit about Mark Wahlberg. When he is teaching the class about the bees disappearing and asking "What's up with that?" I half expected his next line to be "Say hello to your mother for me". — Scifi Fan

Our story: Rumor of the Day: Watchmen's Ozymandias to be CGI-enhanced Superman

Your best comment: I do not understand why everyone thinks that Supes has to be muscle-bound. A good physique, yes, but not huge. People think he has to have bulging muscles. He is from another planet, with super strength. Huge muscles are not how he is able to lift objects of incredible weight, bend steel, move faster than a speeding bullet, or leap tall buildings in a single bound (Well, he really doesn't do that much). Anyway, if it were about the muscles, then I should be able to lift a car or stop a moving train. (Okay, maybe not me, but some big muscle guy). We've already suspended our disbelief, so hulking muscles shouldn't be a necessity! — SuperDude

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