3 Princess Leias, 37 Trek bridges, 1-minute Superman and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

The biggest franchises make a large showing in this week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments: Star Trek bridge illustrations (and Enterprise's failure), Star Wars Leia and steampunk posters, Torchwood's big guns, a Fleischer-like Superman and, of course, the Super Bowl's best (and worst) SF trailers. Enjoy!

Our story: Princess Leia OWNS Star Wars in stylish fan-made trilogy posters

Your best comment: You know, I like me some slave leia as much as the next guy but lately i've decided the whole fixation on it is really in poor taste. Leia kicked a lot of butt in the OT and she's always reduced down to jabba's pet. Kind of a drag if you ask me. — Dalek

Our story: Detailed illustrations of 37 different Star Trek starship bridges

Your best comment: "if you've ever found yourself wandering the bridge..."

i actually have. a friend and i snuck onto the paramount soundstage where star trek: the motion picture was in pre-production...and we skulked all around the enterprise.

one of my fav memories — Skippy

Our story: Star Wars goes steampunk in 10 gear-and-piston-filled illos

Your best comment: So, Yoda is a pothead,apparently. Looks like some strong 'Force' Indeed... — Derelith

Our story: 12 memorable sci-fi movie moments transformed into hypnotic GIFs

Your best comment: That one of Alex as the Droog is really scary. Malcolm McDowell breathes life into that picture with that Glower. — tdawg

Our story: More Torchwood set photos ... only this time with explosions!

Your best comment: There's nothing hotter than a Welsh girl with an anti-tank rocket! — MAJ John

Our story: Nathan Fillion cast as new Green Lantern. (Really.)

Your best comment: So Nathan will be Hal Jordan, but he was also Steve Trevor and Vigilante and he was on Buffy, but not with David Boreanaz, who was also Hal Jordan, but he was on Angel, with Adam Baldwin, who was also Hal Jordan, but he was on Firefly with Nathan, who also hung out in Two Guys with Ryan Reynolds, who is also Hal Jordan...

I need a chart. — KonTiki

Our story: 1-minute Superman film is the best Man of Steel movie in years

Your best comment: When Superman flung the robot into the sky, only to see an entire "air force" of robots and then utters "Great SCOTT!" -- that's just a classic cinema cliff-hanger for you! I was really getting into it and wanted to see what happened next ... so I guess I'll have to wait until the "next TURGID episode!" — VelvetElvis

Our story: Image of the Day: Incredibly useful Star Wars occupation flowchart

Your best comment: To be fair, Luke destroyed the deathstar, which was a fully manned battle station the size of a small moon. A moon (e.g., Endor) can be populated too. SO, a Jedi knight, in effect, killed a planet. So there... Jedi's are cool, but Sith is the only way to live!!! — MadMac

Our story: 7 incredible animal myths (that eventually turned out to be true)

Your best comment: That is the turtle that is hurtling through space with four elephants holding up the world? Disc World fans rejoice. — Jack

Our story: 5 super reasons you should start watching Smallville now

Your best comment: Agree 100 percent. NO ONE plays a bad guy like John Glover. Anyone remember him as the Devil in "Brimstone"? Masterful work! Yet another one of my favorite shows that met an untimely end (it was on FOX, I think, which explains a lot). Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what the writers have in store for his character. — scifi_art

Our story: Star Trek producer reveals the reasons Enterprise failed

Your best comment: "I could take the blame for it. I could put the blame into the scripts. I could put the blame into franchise fatigue. I don't know why it didn't work."

Rick, can i call you Rick? Dont blame yourself mate, it wasnt you so no dont blame yourself. It was the theme tune and that shower scene and the puppy. All of which im sure you, as the exec producer had absolutly no control over. And im certain if there hadnt been any previous star trek shows the audience would have loved soft rock themed, puppys in space. So Rick. chin up fella, no ones blaming you.

I think it was Barry the intern. blame him, he loved the theme tune. — Just Steve

Our story: The Super Bowl's best and worst sci-fi movie and TV trailers

Your best comment: Captain America looks awesome, can't wait. And a tip for some of you - whenever I read people being uber fanboy nerdy critical disecting about whether the science in science fiction is plausible I just read it with a lisp in my head (for some this may come naturally), then it becomes funny instead of annoying. — ZenEagle

Our story: 7 sci-fi series in danger of not seeing another season

Your best comment: Well you know what the execs will do next season don't you...



ABC:"..." — MrKaine