Real-life Megatron, geek statuary, Trek's Amazeballs and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

If this week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments were a movie montage, they might look something like this: A Megatron replica rolls past the world's geekiest statues while Anne Hathaway, Spidey, Nathan Fillion and a blue Matt Damon PAUSE and look at some art-deco Star Wars illos.

Elsewhere, the Avengers villains team up with a mini Darth Vader and Aragorn/Zod. Then, in unision, they all shout, "AMAZEBALLS!" (Or something.)

Our story: Chinese man builds homemade 10,000-pound Megatron tank replica

Your best comment: if it runs, and moves, thats all i need, sign me up for one,.. ill get my own guns for it muahahah — Doug

Our story: 23 of the world's geekiest sci-fi and fantasy statues

Your best comment: In the main street of Hamilton, New Zealand, there is a larger than life statue of local boy Richard O'Brien as Riff Raff in Rocky Horror. The statue comes complete with instructions for doing the Time warp, and a webcam to immortalise your performance. — Sean

Our story: Anne Hathaway accidentally reveals Selina Kyle IS Catwoman

Your best comment: I love how people come with thier opinion that this movie is doomed because of her as Catwoman, it cracks me up if we could go back in time would you all be the same people that said Heath Ledger was a horrible choice for Joker. Seriously a trailer hasnt even been seen, as far as I know a shot hasnt even been taken. Why not save "this will end batman" talk until a little later like after a screening. — Jobstein

Our story: 3 new (somewhat) revealing Amazing Spider-Man set pics

Your best comment: **new article on a movie remake/reboot**
let me save everyone some time and summarize all the comments that are sure to come:
"stupid author, terrible grammar, proofread you idiot!"
"terrible choice for actors/actresses, they will ruin the movie"
"damn Hollywood, can't they come up with an original idea?"
"the book/comic was better"
"my ideas/comments are way better than the author's and other commenters"
"SyFy sucks!"
"Can't wait for this to come out!"
"this actor and/or director would have been better"
— same ole same ole

Our story: 5 of the top 10 most-paused movie moments ... are sci-fi

Your best comment: Maybe I'm showing my age, but I had a friend who worked at Blockbuster who said they had to keep replacing the "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" tape because it kept wearing out where Phoebe Cates comes out of the pool. — DotarSojat

Our story: 5 art-deco Star Wars illos have us feeling the need for speed

Your best comment: Just looked up some of these styles - they're before the Art Deco term came into use. While not technically AD, they are usually lumped into the term for ease of definition. — RJP

Our story: Nathan Fillion tells fans not to send him money for Firefly

Your best comment: Sounds like they expected this response from Nathan at "Help Nathan Buy Firefly" website (link in blog post above), but they have an excellent plan for moving forward. I also like how you would have to set aside a percentage of your pledge towards Nathan's or Joss's charities.

As to what I'd put the Firefly money towards - it would be a much better investment towards the production of the next two Serenity movies. Joss had written Serenity with a trilogy in mind. A movie would also be more realistic from a scheduling point of view, seeing as how most of the actors are busy on other TV shows. — Chris

Our story: 1st look at Marvel's eye-bending X-Men anime TV series

Your best comment: Nice to see casual racism is still alive and well in the 21st Century.
Ironically enough on a thread about X-Men, where a major part of the story is mindless prejudice about people who are different.

Difficult to tell from the trailer, but looks like the look of the characters hasn't been changed that much from their Western counterparts. — penfolduk01

Our story: Simon Pegg calls Trek 2 script 'AMAZEBALLS' (That's good, right?)

Your best comment: "Now how about tweeting some details?"

How's this, just a few moments ago by Pegg on Twitter:

"Just to clarify, I have not seen anything of the new Star Trek script, I have just heard good things from HQ."

Amazeballs indeed. — smegforbrain

Our story: REVEALED: Who will the Avengers be fighting in their 2012 movie?

Your best comment: Whomever they are fighting, it will be in CLEVELAND, Ohio! It was announced today that Cleveland has locked the location for filming this fall. — Beaker

Our story: Hilarious spoof makes that Super Bowl Darth Vader ad even better

Your best comment: Hey, was Darth Mini wearing nail varnish? — Kermonk

Our story: Matt Damon explains exactly what kept him out of Avatar

Your best comment: Man, Damon is in everything. If he took every role he was offered the world would be like when John Malkovich went into his own head. "Damon Damon, Damon. Damon? Damon Damon!". We'd have to send Summer Glau in to implode the universe and reset space time...maybe that's how the big bang happend... — ZenEagle

Our story: Kneel before Aragorn! LOTR star might be Superman's General Zod

Your best comment: Well he has already played Lucifer, General Zod shouldnt be much of a stretch. — Ardicanos

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