Jerkface scientists, Ben Grimm's thingy, Atlantis and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments covers brains, brawn and beauty. In the brains category we have jerk-face scientists, Stan Lee, Roger Ebert, stamp-ified U.K. Wizards, and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. In the brawn category we have the Thing's thingy, the new Conan and the Game of Thrones players. For beauty: The BSG hottie reunion on 17th Precinct. Enjoy!

Our story: 6 beloved scientists who were actually total jerks

Your best comment: What makes Watson and Crick most valid for this list is that they were the first to publish the DNA double helix structure, but they did not in fact discover it at all. They stole data from Roasalind Franklin, whose paper one of them was reviewing for publication. So Watson may fit the jerk list, but revolutionary scientist he actually is not! — TheDoctor

Our story: Stan Lee finally answers that question about The Thing's package

Your best comment: Okay does it burn when the Human Torch pees?— Hotfie

Our story: Greatest Lost-related thing ever? Damon Lindelof thinks it's THIS

Your best comment: Everytime I go to restaurants, I put down a seating of 5 and my name as Salinger just to hear the hostess say, "Salinger, party of five?". Its worth the wait.— ZenEagle

Our story: 1st official Conan the Barbarian trailer is SMOKIN'!

Your best comment: "I live, I love, I slay, I am content."???
"Kwush you enemies, see dem dwiven before you, and hear da lamendation of da wimmen."
— Oberon

Our story: Roger Ebert calls Battle: L.A. 'noisy, violent, ugly and stupid'

Your best comment: for a guy who initially liked gigli I am not surprised. critics like this also pummeled Star Wars (first one) back in the 70's until it became a hit.

It's not art, so don't expect him to understand.

See it at the movies or on dvd when it comes out - or netflix. don't always listen to the critics. — Realistically

Our story: Voldemort, Merlin and Aslan star in U.K.'s spellbinding wizard stamps

Your best comment: The Tolkien estate fiercely protects it's properties. I'd imagine they refused the rights to this endeavor. — Blue247

Our story: Winter's already here in 4 dramatic new Game of Thrones posters

Your best comment: I imagine the reason I'm the first (and currently only person) to comment on these posters after a day and a half after being posted is that the sheer awesomeness of them has stunned people to the point that they cannot type any comments but are left blinding staring at the pictures over and over, frothing at the mouth for the release of the series.— Repeat Offender

Our story: Archaeologists say they've finally located the lost city of Atlantis

Your best comment: FYI, it was Egyptian traders who told the story of a island civilization to Greeks, which is where Plato would have heard these stories. The idea of "Atlantis" is a complete myth propagated by Plato, and further on by some Romans. That there was islands in the Mediterranean isles that vanished are very true, however the archeological evidence of volcanic activity leaves no doubt as to what transpired.

I just had to bring this up because I hate misleading and ignorant news that goes viral. Like the asteroid that is going to destroy Earth...until you read that it will merely pass by Earth millions of miles away. Or my favorite was the world is going to end as we get sucked into a black hole once CERN collider is active. And no, this is not Atlantis. — George

Our story: 7 reasons why V should get a third season

Your best comment: Back in the 80s, the O.G. "5th Column" skinned a V on live TV to show the world who they really are. With all of the technology and access to the internet. And with TV mogul Chad Decker involved... Where is the live skinning of the Vs? Why is the most obvious information always seemed to be the last thing they think of? Wake up the world.— Josh

Our story: 1st cast pic from 17th Precinct set is a frakkin' BSG reunion

Your best comment: Is there going to be a scene where Jamie walks out of a shower just wearing a towel? ::looks at all of the people shaking their heads at her:: What? A fangirl can hope for another towel scene can't she?— Beth

Our story: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost re-create Star Wars, shot for shot. Kinda.

Your best comment: Holy Crap that was funny. My actual LOLing probably just got me busted at work. Thanks buttholes.— Scorcho

Our story: 1st full trailer for Super 8 is a tantalizing monster tease

Your best comment: I love the E.T. Goonies vibe. Definite Spielberg touch, and its nice to see kids being the center of sci-fi movies again. None of that twentysomething we have been getting since the 90s.

The main kid reminds me of Mikey Walsh & Elliot rolled into one.— Paul

Our story: Aaron Eckhart may have just told us he'll be back as Two-Face

Your best comment: In film speak a character laying with his eyes closed usually means unconscious, but with his eyes open it signals death. The only eye that was open with twoface was the one without an eye lid. When they turned his face the Dent side was closed. That and the shorter distance from the fall indicates he may be alive and that his death was a ruse to keep the people of Gotham from losing hope in thier "white knight" His return is very plausable.— w0lfm4n

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