Geek tattoos, a real Terminator leg, Jewel Staite and more!

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Dec 14, 2012

This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments is like a DVR for Blastr: Click through to see what you missed, including awesome geek tattoos, a real Terminator-painted prosthetic, Jewel Staite, new Hobbit pics, Doctor Who and more!

Our story: 22 geeky, sexy and cool sci-fi-inspired tattoos

Your best comment: I feel sorry for the Blade runner tattoo dude, he's got two errors in the quote, it should be;

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-Beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain. Time to die."

Not 'STAR SHIPS', while it's supposed to be 'Near the Tannhauser gate', not 'AT'.

Dammit nice tats though.— Dax

Our story: 8 awesome artists reinvent the classic cover to Fantastic Four #1

Your best comment: Mike Mignola is missing a sketchbook.— bill

Our story: A guy paints his real prosthetic leg to look like a Terminator limb

Your best comment: Way to give tragedy the finger. *2 thumbs up*— andrew

Our story: Why you should be GLAD that Firefly got canceled

Your best comment: By the same...well,"logic," wouldn't it have been a good thing if Tolkien left "The Lord of the Rings" unfinished? Or Star Trek TOS had remained cancelled after the first season?

Again by the same logic--reversed--how do you know that seven seasons of Firefly wouldn't have resulted in a full-scale re-energizing of the Space Program? Maybe if Firefly had continued, had captured public interest in space travel, we would be going places in the universe instead of flying around in circles in Low Earth Orbit. Perhaps it could have nudged over-the-funding-edge, the public interests in spaceflight and science promulgated by Star Trek, Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica.

There's a reason nobody liked Cassandra of Troy, you know.— Alan

Our story: Our first official look at the new Wonder Woman IN COSTUME

Your best comment: I keep waiting for the porn music to start playing. What is it with these execs and having to totally screw up these female-led action shows? This costume is horrible, right down to the hooker-red lipstick.— Pam

Our story: Jewel Staite: What Nathan Fillion stole from the set of Firefly

Your best comment: When did you wear a pink bra? Do you mean Nathan's?— Walter

Our story: 10 most hilariously bad sci-fi television 'specials' ever made

Your best comment: On behalf of the ghost of Paul Lynde, I must take offense. Lynde was a HUGE deal in his day, having appeared on Bewitched as Uncle Arthur and countless episodes of Hollywood Squares where he occupied the coveted center square. Okay, he did lots of other stuff too, but as a pop culture reference you can't deny he has a place in our hearts. The fact that the author of this piece had to look him up on Wikipedia speaks volumes about the lack of depth in his knowledge of film and television history.

I should also mention that the "albino-looking witch" is Witchiepoo (played by Billie Hayes) from the '60s-'70s Sid & Marty Krofft classic television show H.R. Pufnstuf.— Kevin

Our story: Actor accidentally reveals villain in new Spider-Man film

Your best comment: "When I stepped out, into the bright sunlight, from the darkness of the movie-house...I had only two things on my mind - SpiderMan and a ride home..."
That's gold, Ponyboy.
— ZenEagle

Our story: 1st photos from the set of The Hobbit as filming finally begins

Your best comment: Dang, Jackson looks great! I thought he was Dominic Monaghan at first glance...— gaval

Our story: Image of the Day: 14 sci-fi actors we'd watch in ANYTHING

Your best comment: Lance Hendrickson! One of the only people out there who can take a cheesy Saturday night horror film and make it watchable. He has humanity, honor and love, but can also play a wicked demon.— Bronwyn

Our story: INFOGRAPHIC: Doctor Who's time-traveling TARDIS revealed

Your best comment: What about the wardrobe? I seem to remember the Tardis having a rather large wardrobe with a spiral staircase in the middle. I think it was seen at the end of "The Christmas Invasion", where the newly-regenerated 10th doctor was picking out his new outfit.— CaptBogBot

Our story: Watch a new Doctor Who minisode special right NOW

Your best comment: Best pick-me-up after a crappy rainy Monday at work ever!!!!! That was fantastic!!— Birdman73

Our story: Watch 80 characters say the name of their movie in 2 minutes

Your best comment: This makes me think of an episode of Family Guy.

Peter: Oh boy I usually only get this excited when they say the title of a movie in the movie.

Cut to Peter at the theaters.

Voice in movie: I'm telling you, these drug dealers represent a Clear and Present Danger to the United States!

Peter: Ah! Ah! He said it! He said it!

Voice in movie: All I'm saying is, what if this is As Good as it Gets?

Peter: Ah! Ah! There it is! There it is!

Voice in movie: The only way for me to solve this crisis is to be Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.

Peter: Oh that's why they call it that.— cindercity12

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