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Dec 14, 2012

Spring is here, and science fiction is blooming. The SF pollen has floated and landed in this week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments. Herein you'll find genre spores to make you itchy and irritated, including Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, David Hewlett, Bryan Singer, Jeri Ryan, Earth-killing asteroids, Doctor Who, Captain America and more!

Our story: NBC has changed that Wonder Woman costume you dissed

Your best comment: She better not run too fast.....could end up in a wardrobe malfunction.— JennB

Our story: Mega TV pilot preview: 17 new series we may be watching this fall

Your best comment: It's actually not surprising that there are several shows with eerie similarities. That's because of trends. Genres come and go with the television seasons. In ages past, Westerns were really big. We've also had the heyday of the police procedural (which has actually held on for quite a while). Fantasy is just another link in the trending chain.

Networks usually go with what they think will be popular (i.e. what has already worked and what will earn them money). The recent success of zombies and vampires in select venues serves as a pebble to start an avalanche. — Dreamrose

Our story: Warner Brothers apologizes for that first Green Lantern trailer

Your best comment: Actually the problem with the trailer for Green Lantern is mostly the first act. A laborious introduction of the character with very little tension. Then it rushed into the montage and left the viewer with very little idea about what kind of superhero movie they would be seeing. Because there was so little story introduced, all the viewer really had to go on was whether they liked what Ryan Reynolds did and nothing in that trailer was new for him so not exactly a big shock on the lukewarm response. — hmmmmmmm

Our story: David Hewlett: My dream project, my favorite sci-fi villain and more

Your best comment: You're not the greatest and most powerful actor on earth? What? Where have I been living then? ;) Ah, well. You should be. We need you in more movies.

On the writing process, I'm afraid your description of it definitely places you squarely in the writer camp. Writers love everything about the writing process . . . except the actual writing part. I've done surveys on this. You are not alone!— Kaavya

Our story: Bryan Singer finally admits his Superman Returns mistakes

Your best comment: ...Seperation of church and cape.— ZenEagle

Our story: Why Jeri Ryan felt Seven of Nine's romance on Voyager failed

Your best comment: The Voyager producers and writers always seemed to have difficulty figuring out what to do with Chakotay. Originally, he was the commander of a rebel crew which had to merge with the Starfleet crew in order to survive their first adventure. That potential source of conflict was largely ignored after the first season. Mostly, Chakotay just sat next to Capt. Janeway and agreed with her decisions. My guess was that the awkward romance with Seven was an attempt to give Robert Beltran some kind of character arc near the end of the series.— nohater

Our story: 3 Falling Skies posters show what'll happen after the aliens come

Your best comment: From what I've seen in the teasers it reminds me slightly of The Tripods, especially with the suggestion that the aliens are after the children. And the alien probe thingy attached to the kids is hinting at children being capped surely?— art101

Our story: Astronomer: What's the REAL chance an asteroid will wipe out life on Earth?

Your best comment: Actually, the latest plots for C/2010 X1 (Elenin) is that it'll pass 0.23 AU away... which is 21 million miles from us. That's a little further away than what you state by a factor of 100 here. Close, but nothing to worry about.

Best guess on the ability to see it is also varying right now, with the best estimates being a magnitude 4 object, and most of the estimates being around magnitude 6. It'll be visible with binoculars easily, but unless something unexpected happens unlikely for it to be a spectacular show.— TalG

Our story: Watch the chilling new Doctor Who season 6 prequel episode NOW

Your best comment: Looks like the Doctor is finally going to meet some real down-home American aliens; the bug-eyed grayskins of Area 51 (which would explain the southwest film production. Skully?— Mulder

Our story: Captain America's full shield-tossing, Hydra-stomping trailer is here!

Your best comment: I remember at the beginning of all this, every other person was whining and complaining abut Chris Evans being too small to play The Cap, I wonder what their sayin now. — ALCHEMICWOLF

Our story: Superman director Zack Snyder picks his Lois Lane

Your best comment: Surely you guys have heard by now why we keep getting these comic book franchise reboots. Its about keeping the rights to the characters. Warner is in the middle of a huge legal battle right now with the Seigel family and if they don't make a new Superman movie by 2013, they lose the right to make any more. Same thing with Sony and Spider-Man. I don't know what their deadline is, but if they don't make the movie then the rights revert back to Marvel (which would be better for everyone in my opinion).

As far as Amy Adams playing Lois, she is so far away from any actress I had in my head, I have to give it a couple of days to think about it. Right now it's a little jarring. Yes, she's an amazing Academy Award-winning actress, but Oscar winners have been mis-cast before, so that's no guarantee. Personality-wise, I think she's a good choice, but I'll have to see what they do with her physically before I know for sure.— radiodaze

Our story: Friday night death slot? Hah! Fringe is renewed for a 4th season!

Your best comment: Every so often, genre fans win one! It's rare, but it happens! I guess watching it live rather than DVR over the last few weeks helped. Just doing my part, no need to thank me. Now if Fox would do some serious, promoted rerun action over the summer and bring on more people who are wondering what the heck this show is...— Beaker

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