Fictional maps, Green Lantern, short skirts and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments is full of sex and violence, SF and geekery, and a few things that might make you say, "Wah?" while shrugging your shoulders. Click through to see great fictional maps, Wonder Woman, retro X-Men, a Green Lantern sneak peek, Star Trek 2 considerations, a Hello Kitty-Watchmen toy mashup and (arguably) too-short Who skirts.

Our story: Get lost with 20 stunning maps of your fave fictional sci-fi lands

Your best comment: Farscape, the uncharted Territories. Oh wait! They're uncharted.— RobertT

Our story: 3 new set pics show Wonder Woman in action taking out a bad guy

Your best comment: I am in as long as she spins around and turns into Wonder Woman and at the same time playing the original classic Wonder Woman series theme song.— Shadow

Our story: 8 once-amazing sci-fi devices now inferior to real-life gadgets

Your best comment: Until you can set that laser cutter on STUN, I'll still rather have a phaser when facing a bunch of Klingons or Romulans.— Joe Mama

Our story: 11 awesome vintage posters for Disney's greatest sci-fi rides

Your best comment: This brings back a lot of memories. I lived in Anaheim until 1983, close enough to Disneyland that I could see the hotel from my porch. I spent a lot of time in Tomorrowland. — Johnny

Our story: 3 sexy, retro pics reimagine X-Men: First Class as a 1962 movie

Your best comment: To paraphase the old saying,

"Oh my stars, her garters!"

The one with Eric really seems the best depiction, era-wise, followed by the drawn Charles' image on the 'Life' style cover. Emma's is definitely eye-catching, though, but seems the least accurate in design to me.

Now, granted, having been born in 1963, I really don't recall too many magazine covers from 1962...— Masque

Our story: 10 crazy sci-fi themed April Fools' Day pranks that had us fooled

Your best comment: Well now we know what really happen to Tinkerbell.— zorpime

Our story: 4 stunning new Doctor Who promo posters (plus more teasers)

Your best comment: Surely I'm not the only one to wonder why, on close-up, Matt's sonic screwdriver is a neon "anthropomorphized vibrator." I mean, c'mon, being obsessive dweebs doesn't keep you from being biologically human, does it? It doesn't me...and I've got 4 kids — Zapgunner

Our story: 4 awesome minutes of Green Lantern will make you forget that trailer

Your best comment: That. Was. AMAZEBALLS!!! I'm already a big fan of the comics, and had every intention of seeing this in the theater. Now I want to be there ASAP on the first day!!!— Math Guy

Our story: 5 adorable and somewhat disturbing Hello Kitty Watchmen dolls

Your best comment: You've got no idea just how popular all things "Hello Kitty" are do you?

Now *that's* the really disturbing part. That there are folks out there who will collect these if they're really available.— Lynn

Our story: Doctor Who's Amy Pond says her skirts aren't too short

Your best comment: Quick! Cover your eyes! A woman wearing perfectly acceptable clothing is being accused of being too sexual! Again!— Lilac

Our story: Roberto Orci: Trek 2 will react to your criticism of the 1st film

Your best comment: What a mistake! Listening tto the fans is one thing, but admitting it is the wrong way to go. Now every Comic Book Guy with a flash drive full of fan fiction is going to demand to be heard no matter how stupid his ideas are.— HereWeGoAgain

Our story: 8 pretty, pulpy tributes for Pixar's 25th anniversary

Your best comment: I haven't seen many Pixar movies (just Toy Story 1 & 3)... Who is the girl on the motorcycle? I really love the look. It reminds of Modesty Blaise and other European comics from the 60s. I imagine the Pixar source for that image does not use the same style, but I'd be interested to know nonetheless.— Mickey

Our story: See if you can name all 235 Star Trek characters done 8-bit style

Your best comment: *sniff*

I'm just sad that I named all of them off to my girlfriend and she was like: Who the heck are they? And I should care why?— Eric

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