New Who pics, Bat-villain, Lynda Carter's hotpants, and more!

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Dec 14, 2012

If you've been fretting over the Tax Man this week and fell behind on your Blastr reading, consider this week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments as your SF refund. Included here are Doctor Who pics, a li'l Sith girl, movie goofs, Trek porn, Bat-villain, Lynda Carter's short shorts, Ryan Reynolds' toes and ... the dead people (walking and otherwise).

Our story: 10 tantalizing new teaser pics of Doctor Who season 6

Your best comment: So at some point the grey alien dude is gonna trip and fall. Silence will Fall. Seems a bit undramatic.— Reph978

Our story: Girl stuns Disney Jedi staffers by siding with Darth Vader

Your best comment: That was easily the best thing I've seen all month! She actually bowed to Lord Vader! Magnificent! That little bit of video was better than all three prequel movies combined!— ManWithPez

Our story: 12 hilarious sci-fi TV and movie goofs that will have you baffled

Your best comment: Film making is a complicated business, run to a schedule and budget, and by human beings, so goofs get made. The editors would have picked up on most of these goofs and made a deliberate decision to leave them in as the best shot available (eg the lighting, framing, acting and action most suited the scene). In most cases the focus of the action was not on the error which would be missed by the majority of the audience. Its fun to spot them, but please don't assume you are superior to the artists who made our beloved films, simply because you were offered a glimpse through the curtain.— Anders of Perth

Our story: Why did Paramount kill new Trek shows from Shatner and Frakes?

Your best comment: I have been watching Star Trek since I was a little boy and I miss not having a star trek series to watch. Titan would be a. Great series to bring star trek back to the fans who I think have been forgotten by the big wigs looking for a payday. We are here what now?— Charles

Our story: Image of the Day: The geek zodiac

Your best comment: According to this chart I am a time traveler. I prefer the term Time Lord.— EloiMorlock

Our story: Guess which Bat-villain returns in The Dark Knight Rises?

Your best comment: The flashbacks makes sense in a way - Nolan's Batman has been all about Bruce's attempts to make Gotham a better place. Ra's Al Ghul told Bruce that the League of Shadows had tried a new tactic to save Gotham - that of economics. The flashback could relate to those attempts to save Gotham from itself, linking ti nicely with the present day tactic of destroying the city. — DontPanic

Our story: New Wonder Woman will wear Lynda Carter short shorts after all

Your best comment: Why can't they design her outfit more like Xena the warrior princess but changed up the color to red and blue? So it's more realistic and keep a little Greek and Amazonian style.— YoBoss

Our story: 5 '60s-style pics of the classy mutants of X-Men: First Class

Your best comment: Regarding Alex being old enough to be Scott's father. You guys do know that back then it was not unheard of for families to have 12 to 14 kids in them right?? Heck my dad's family had 11 kids in it and he was the youngest. My dad had siblings old enough to be his mother and father. Just saying, it was not unheard of back then.— Heath

Our story: 3 dazzling pics of Ryan Reynolds in his CG Green Lantern suit

Your best comment: Why are we seeing his toesey-woeseies, and not any other anatomical parts that might make a hue and cry? Otherwise the costume is starting to look better, but I'd still prefer the comic book one with the white gloves. At least Reynolds does not appear to have any corns, planter-warts, or toe-cheese...! Maybe he could borrow a pair of footies from the new Spiderman?!— Goldilocks

Our story: Tasha Yar returns in SFW Star Trek: Next Gen XXX parody trailer

Your best comment: Whew! What a relief. When I read that Tasha Yar was returning, I was afraid original Tasha actress Denise Crosby was making an appearance in a porn parody. I know Crosby hasn't exactly had a stellar (pun intended) career, but at least she hasn't stooped to adult movies. — wholuvsya

Our story: REVEALED: What was in Bryan Singer's failed Trek TV series pitch

Your best comment: I'd rather have a mediocre new series on TV then nothing at all. Look where we are now... no more SG franchise, no Farscape, No Firefly, No Trek, etc. I'd rather have something to complain about than nothing at all. All we get now are series that get a few episodes and as soon as the rating fluctuate they get canned just as they get interesting.— dacron

Our story: Why we won't be seeing Terra Nova soon (it wasn't just the FX)

Your best comment: Shoooooot. That picture alone makes me displike the show. The photographer was like "ok, everybody, front leg pointed slightly off from the camera, and the other foot at 90 degrees from the camera. now slump. YAY! we're all posed the same. YAY!" Guy in blue shirt is all ' whatever' — Rustrod

Our story: Image of the Day: The Walking Dead billboard placement FAIL

Your best comment: I'm this offensive to people burying their loved ones, or to zombies who hate being reminded they're walking dead?— ZenEagle

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