The Superman that almost was, Seuss Star Wars—and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

It was an inquisitive week here at Blastr. What might have Superman looked like? What if Dr. Seuss created Star Wars? What scandals exist on WookieLeaks? Should we just shamble about until there are new Walking Dead episodes? In Fringe's alternate universe, is Firefly still on the air? All this and more in this week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments!

Our story: Awesome concept art from two abandoned Superman projects

Your best comment: What I never understood is why superman doesnt just wear his black suit that help him more efficiently absorb yellow sunlight all the time. I would. Batman has proved time and againg that brain and tech beats brawn. — Dovo

Our story: What if Dr. Seuss had designed Star Wars?

Your best comment: I just want to know, what's Linus doing in there? He's not a Dr. Seuss character!

Relax, everyone, I know it's not supposed to be Linus. But if you can't tell that looks JUST LIKE Linus from "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," you are woefully in the dark on your Peanuts lore. — macmikey

Our story: 5 retro-awesome travel posters for superheroic cities

Your best comment: Is it me or does the bugle seem a bit suggestive? — Snake

Our story: 21 scandalous secrets revealed on WookieLeaks

Your best comment: Obi Wan involved in droid smuggling ring. Stormtroopers state "They weren't the droids we were looking for." — Roguemeister

Our story: As Smallville exits, meet The CW's newest DC Comics superhero

Your best comment: Win or lose, this all comes down to 1) great writing 2) exciting plotlines 3) something fresh. Anything could be great or bad. Why don't we wait until after about 6 episodes or so and then pass judgement? Dang peeps, so critical of something that doesn't even exist yet. I remember thinking Buffy was going to be a total loser show. — John

Our story: Emma Stone IS Gwen Stacy in 6 pics from the set of Spider-Man

Your best comment: Looks like a funeral scene (maybe for Captain Stacy?) I can't tell which version of Gwen Stacy Emma Stone is playing.

Is she the sweet girl next door from the Stan Lee original, or is she the tough girl from the Bendis reboot? — Michael

Our story: 8 cool pics from The Cape plus 2 trailers (Summer Glau alert!)

Your best comment: Summer Glau is not the only reason I'll be tuning in. OK, maybe the MAIN reason, but not the only reason. — zosolias

Our story: 12 Walking Dead plot holes that bug us (and why we love it anyway)

Your best comment: The thing that keeps taking me out of the show are the lawns. Now the guy who lives next to my parents would mow his lawn up to the time a walker attacked him (and probably after he became a walker). However; the lawns should be looking a little shaggy instead of like they were just trimmed before everyone showed up.

Also this is taking place in the deep south, where's the kudzu?! Any walker that remained stationary for a couple of days would be covered in it. — DOlz

Our story: The Doctor Who clip the BBC didn't want you to see

Your best comment: I just do not understand the corporate world. Guess that is why I left it. Here is a chance to get hold of a new audience by peeking their interest, and maybe even spread the word and what do they do ... the BBC decides; "NO, you cannot use the theme song." Wonder who the bonehead idiot was that made that decision. Probably a relative who made the decision about "The Heidi Game". — paulsnyc

Our story: What Walking Dead's creators think you should do until the series returns

Your best comment: The wait is so long that there will propably be an actual zombie apocolypse before the show comes back. — mike

Our story: 1st trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon: 'We are not alone'

Your best comment: ... The idea that "it's mindless fun" is faulty because it doesn't HAVE to be mindless. Dark Knight made a huge amount of money and proves that blockbusters can be smart and people will still want to go. It's not artsy fartsy... the fact that a dumb movie exists doesn't bug me so much as the precept the movier maker's have that we are all a bunch of mindless apes dragging our knucles on the ground who can't be challenged or be made to think. Inception made some cash... pretty sure no one on that said, "better dumb this down for the audience or they won't get it." I think my point is... god bless you, Christopher Nolan! — jahilke

Our story: See Depp and Cruz in the 1st official Pirates 4 promo pics

Your best comment: Eh...Bunch of complainers. They have all been fun so far. They are not meant to be Citizen Cane. Nor are they meant to 'milk' anything. Depp has fun with Jack, and it comes across. It is cool to see a movie where the cast is just enjoying themselves and the audience can just show up and have a good time, or not. No need to long for these to go away. Just don't buy a ticket. — Ronald

Our story: Fringe's 1st Friday night episode an inside joke for Firefly fans

Your best comment: Firefly is in its ninth season in the alternate universe. The Fringe producers should call in the Firefly cast to make a short clip from an episode on the other side. — pulicosity