DIY Stargate, mini-Chewbacca, sandcrawler office space and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

This week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments has it all: from excitement and adorable to not suitable for work and heartbreaking. Click through for a DIY stargate, a mini-Chewbacca, a mini-Thor, a NSFW Ryan Reynolds, a George R.R. Martin opining on SF TV, and all of Who fandom saying godspeed to Elisabeth Sladen.

Our story: Build your own Stargate using the original 1994 movie blueprints

Your best comment: Plus, if you act now, we will include not ten, not twenty, but thirty gate addresses! Don't waste time with random dialings. These are proven, safe worlds, each with a survival rating of 60% or better. Put your bid in today and begin your journey to the stars now.— Manos

Our story: The wait is over: 4 stunning pics of Smallville's Superman suit

Your best comment: I don't blame Clark for not wanting to wear the suit; try putting YOUR clothes in the freezer and then putting them on!— Weapon X

Our story: 11 sci-fi stars who got their start in soap operas

Your best comment: Richard Hatch (from Battlestar Galactica) had his first TV role in All My Children in the early 1970s. He went back to soaps after he did the original Galactica, with a brief stint in Dynasty in the mid 80s and then the ultra-trashy daytime Santa Barbara in the early 90s.

I also remember Kate Mulgrew doing an early episode of Dallas as a country & western singer who had a fling with Ray Krebbs! She never did THAT on the holodeck!— Melora

Our story: Transformers 3 writers explain why Transformers 2 was 'crap'

Your best comment: If you go back a few days or weeks, the exact same writers said the next "Star Trek" will "response to the critics of the first movie". Almost the same exact words. If "Transformers II" turned to crap because of this, how do you think J.J.'s "Star Trek 2" is going to be like? Hahaha...— Marcus

Our story: Image of the Day: Shotgun-riding Chewbacca dog

Your best comment: I can see their bumper sticker now, "Chewbacca is my Co-Pilot". — had to be said

Our story: Red-band trailer for Ryan Reynolds' raunchy body-swapping pic

Your best comment: Not sure what this says about my level of maturity, taste in movies, or moral center, but...That actually looked pretty funny.— Joseph

Our story: Remember Doctor Who's Elisabeth Sladen with 4 fantastic moments

Your best comment: Sarah Jane was the first companion I remember seeing with the Doctor. I remember giving my heart to this wonderful, bubbly, beautiful girl. Now it feels there's an empty spot in my chest from losing someone I truly cared about. — Rob

Our story: George R.R. Martin hated BSG's finale even more than Lost's

Your best comment: Martin is a fantasy writer and a fan of television.

He has a right to opine. Just like the rest of us.

What, none of you are friends with people you have disagreements with? Because based on some of your attitudes, you should stop being their friends if you disagree with them.

After all, you're saying 'I won't read Martin or watch his show because I don't like his opinion.'

I swear to God, this blog's responses are filled with some of the most douchey responses I've ever read on the internet.

Those of you judging the man based solely on the fact that he didn't like the ending of a series need to chill out. He is a superior writer of fantasy fiction and he knows how to tell a story. At least trust that a New York times best seller, MANY TIMES OVER, knows the craft of storytelling well enough to have an educated opinion about it.

Frak, there are some morons on the internet.— Taiso

Our story: Awesome new Lucasfilm office building will look like a Sandcrawler

Your best comment: The password to enter is "Utinni". Also, there will be speakers 50' from the entrance playing the Jawa theme music, so that you can watch workers shuffle in from a distance.— HalJordan

Our story: 1st pic of bulked-up Tom Hardy from Dark Knight Rises set

Your best comment: I do see that he is getting bulked up, but putting him next to a really tall guy in the photo is kind of killing that point. — Bryan

Our story: 8 real-life plans to clean up the environment that sound like sci-fi

Your best comment: Save me? Save you! I'll be here looong after you're all dead (remember the dinosaurs? I do!). Freakin' arrogant parasites...thanx for all the plastic though.— Earth

Our story: New Thor movie ad spoofs that awesome Darth Vader Super Bowl spot

Your best comment: Try explaining THAT to your Insurance Agent! — Dave

Our story: Kate Beckinsale could kick Colin Farrell's butt in Total Recall reboot

Your best comment: Kuato better be in this movie.— Processor