Alien animals, Thrones' sex scenes, SF cake toppers and more!

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Dec 14, 2012

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments offers lots of bang for its buck! Click through for images of terran aliens, SF-themed cake toppers, papercraft Castle, Trek, Green Lantern, Avengers, Game of Thrones ... and Schwarzenegger is back!

Our story: 17 animals you'd swear were aliens (but are really from Earth)

Your best comment: The funny thing is how much more "alien" they look than so called movie aliens...the squids my favourite. Looks like it came right out of the cthulhu mythos. — Nyarlathotep

Our story: 23 sci-fi themed-wedding cake toppers good enough for the Royals

Your best comment: I'm in Culinary School right now, for Baking and Pastry. I always wondered how I would make my own way in the field...*hell no to cupcakes* And now...I've found it! I am going to have a Sci-FI/Movie/TV themed shop. Hazaa! — Lesley

Our story: Jason Momoa: Those Game of Thrones sex scenes were 'very hard'

Your best comment: That actually really doesn't surprise me in the slightest. Everyone who's worked with him from Stargate: Atlantis has constantly gone on record as saying that, despite the fact that he looks like he could rip your spine out, he's a super nice, really decent kind of dude who genuinely just tries to have fun with his work. When you get thrown into a beautiful love scene with a starlet, that's one thing. However, have said love scene be a quasi-rough/sudo-violation, it changes the entire dynamic of the scene. Even though he's an actor, if he's a decent human being it's going to turn his stomach a little, especially if said starlet has become a friend or even someone closer. I think it's really outstanding that he could come out and admit, "Yeah. Those scenes? Not fun." — Joseph

Our story: Awesome papercraft Howl's Moving Castle took 9 months to build

Your best comment: Haters will hate. It took nine months because there is an insane amount of detail in this piece and the person who built it obviously devoted a significant amount of time putting it together. Props! It should be put on display somewhere for all to see as it is undoubetly unique. — Keith

Our story: Image of the Day: The 1st Enterprise flies in Trek's 2nd pilot

Your best comment: NAKED MAN! Oh wait, space ship. — Carrie

Our story: Image of the Day: 3 (sort of) cosmic new pics of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Your best comment: You really need to see "Green Lantern: First Flight," an extremely well done, PG-13 rated animated feature. It uses cel type animation (like Bugs Bunny). It's available from your local video store or on Netflix. You won't be disappointed. — John

Our story: REVEALED: Sarah Silverman was almost a Star Trek: Voyager regular

Your best comment: Is it me or has everyone in Hollywood (living and dead) had some connection to Star Trek? Jeez, every week we learn that some goof in Hollywood was connected to Star Trek. I think Pee Wee Herman was the first choice for Spock. — Claude

Our story: More details emerge on Bryan Singer's failed Star Trek series

Your best comment: Sounds good to me. I'm all for nobility and inspiration, but things that are achieved easily aren't very noble or inspiring. Star Trek story-telling was always at its best when the chips were down, and our heroes were getting their butts kicked. — frostygus

Our story: 1st set pic from The Avengers reveals (sort of) four superheroes

Your best comment: I think the Hulk needs a bigger chair... — Chad

Our story: 1st pic of Smallville finale's Clark Kent/Lex Luthor reunion

Your best comment: Looks like a tuxedo on Clark. Wedding day? — Gaval

Our story: Image of the Day: If comics depicted superheroes realistically

Your best comment: I guess if this was REALLY realistic, Ben Grimm would have been long dead from cosmic radiation poisoning, and Dr. Strange would just be a deranged kook trying to make "magic" by mixing some silly herbs and dead animal parts while rambling meaningless words. — Danny Pendrell

Our story: Weird argument over latest Game of Thrones episode ends in arrest

Your best comment: Dinklage really has taken the old roles that Warwick Davis used to get, and made something more. Actually Tyrion should look more like Warwick Davis, kinda ugly. But Dinklage seems to be powering on ahead with his acting mojo. Like Viggo Mortenson, he doesn't quite fit the description as in the books, but makes you forget that fact shortly there after. Saw him first in "Threshold" and I expected to see him again when that series died quickly. He sure seems to keep busy. — Andrew VH

Our story: He's BACK! Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in new Terminator film

Your best comment: Terminator 5: Colonoscopy Day

Terminator 5: Rise of the Medicaid

Terminator 5: Driving Ms. Connor — John Connor

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