Hottest Stories & Best Comments: A Mother Lode of Awesome!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

Before you celebrate Mother's Day with Dear Ol' Ma, check out this week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments. Some of them might just make you say, "Woah, mama!" Included here are awesome SF motherships, Shatner, Mulder's watches, Neil Gaiman getting into politics, a new Conan, a duct-tape Leia costume and more!

Our story: Celebrate Mother's Day with 34 of sci-fi's awesomest motherships

Your best comment: What about the Necromonger Mothership from "The Chronicles of Riddick"? That was also "One BAD Mother..." — Jay

Our story: 12 sci-fi sidekicks who are more interesting than their partners

Your best comment: For all those Robotech fans... Max Sterling. He outclassed the Whiny Rick all the time. — Lancer

Our story: REVEALED: Why Shatner's scene was deleted from 2009's Star Trek

Your best comment: It would have been awesome to have that followed by young Kirk saying "Wow! I got FAT!". — Scott

Our story: Christopher Eccleston refuses to return for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary

Your best comment: What's wrong with bathing in the same river twice? I mean... How many rivers do you live by that you can bathe in a new one every time you need to get cleaned up..... — reflected glare

Our story: Bizarre but wonderful site devoted to Fox Mulder's wristwatches

Your best comment: Some people juggle geese. — TheNewSarahJane

Our story: Politician attacks Neil Gaiman as a 'pencil-necked little weasel'

Your best comment: The last time I checked an agreement to pay someone for a service is called a contract. "pencil-necked little weasel who stole $45,000 from the state of Minnesota" is called slander or libel unless prefaced by an "in my opinion" and can be subject to a lawsuit. Then Mr. Gaiman would have a LOT of money from the state with which to donate to worthy causes instead of donate to politician's pockets. — Chris Arthur

Our story: Rumor of the day: Original Terminator cast to return in new film

Your best comment: It could be possible, considering it is flesh placed on a cybernetic skeleton, when it comes to the terminator. So if you think about it, the skin could age, after all, they were designed to fit in to human society. — aros

Our story: Star Trek Phase II video restores the pre-Abrams timeline

Your best comment: THIS is an amateur production? Unreal. Paramount could learn a thing or two. — Crusader K

Our story: 1st Conan the Barbarian theatrical trailer crushes our enemies

Your best comment: I like to do my own blinking, thank you. Mr Movie Producers, please stop the "blinking" trailers; they give me a headache, not make me more excited. Also, the phrase "a hero/man/warrior etc. Will Rise" is now so overused that it's gone beyond cliche and is now merely humorous and distracting. — Bizarro7

Our story: Scott Bakula reveals there were plans for Enterprise movies

Your best comment: Scott Bakula "leaps" into Chris Pine in Star Trek XII - Now there'a a bit of cheezy improbability worthy of a JJ Abrahams reboot! — Lt Col Taylor

Our story: Image of the Day: Slave Leia and Boba Fett in duct tape costumes

Your best comment: I need to get my wife one of those costumes.

The Slave Leia one, not the Boba Fett one. — DrStrangelove

Our story: Mathematician who refused $1 million prize finally explains why

Your best comment: In Russia, math problems solve you (and your money problems!) — Weapon X

Our story: New Green Lantern trailer gives first glimpse of the Guardians

Your best comment: My original plan was to see the earliest possible show on the day of release. NOW I have to figure out a way to get into one of those preview audiences earlier in the week... — Math Guy

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