Wacky patents, bondage Wonder Woman, TMNT pizzas and more!

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

The Hottest Stories and Best Comments is like the Mos Eisley cantina. Sure, it's a wretched hive of scum and villainy ... but it's also a place to find what you need, namely wacky SF patents, Trek's Maquis killing Bin Laden, superheroes, protesting pagans, Buffy and more!

Our story: 12 wild and wacky patent applications that are weirder than sci-fi

Your best comment: I want a pet space trilobite. He'll guide me through space, and time. I will call him Doctor Wholobite. — Peter

Our story: TV station reports that Star Trek's Maquis killed Osama bin Laden

Your best comment: n24 is normally a very good news channel and definitely not an amateurs club. i watched this in germany and i was just thinking until today "wow... those seals must be very hardcore trekkies fans to chose this as their logo. but hey... you find star trek fans in the oddest places." — yen150

Our story: What if this year's summer movie posters told the truth?

Your best comment: I think for Pirates simply writing "Meh...why not" would have been more apt. — Rom

Our story: 1st Dark Knight Rises set photo leaks a supervillain's secret

Your best comment: That's what the beginning of BM Begins led us to believe. But it was a ploy to protect the identity of the "real" Ra's Al Ghul which was Liam Neeson. He "announces" his true identity when he shows up at Wayne Manor to kill Bruce during the party...JHC, how geeky did I just sound?!?! — TheBoogieKnight

Our story: Image of the Day: Marvel and DC heroes watch Osama bin Laden raid

Your best comment: anyone else notice the laptops are displaying images from Call of Duty: Black Ops? I am quite familiar with that map and it's undergound passages, campers love 'em — lostandconfused

Our story: Thor's Mjolnir and 15 other superhero weapons of mass destruction

Your best comment: What about the tube of Crest Gel? The only defense Toothopolis has against the evil cavity creeps. — reflected glare

Our story: So what does Sarah Michelle Gellar think about that Buffy remake?

Your best comment: The most I will ever pay to see this movie is $1 at Redbox. I refuse to give the creators any more of my money than that for such an ill-advised(and moderately offensive) project. — Shelverman

Our story: 1st official pic of unrecognizable David Tennant in Fright Night

Your best comment: Who knew David had a hairy chest? That's more shocking than the Dave Navarro's twin thing. I have to see this film now just for that piece of man-candy. — DD

Our story: How Fringe may change now that Seth Gabel is a series regular

Your best comment: So, Walter created the Doomsday device in the future-future to fix the problem he caused by taking Peter from the alt-universe. Now Peter doesn't exist, or did he die as a kid, or did he somehow survive the illness? More important, will Bobby emerge from the shower at the start of next season and say it was all just a dream — JB

Our story: Gutsy TMNT fans try to eat all of Michelangelo's bizarre pizzas

Your best comment: my only question is why they didn't cook the pizzas with the toppings on them. instead, they put the toppings on afterward? i don't like onions on a pizza, but wouldn't cooked onions make a bit more sense? or even for the marshmallows to be melted? — rtlm

Our story: The bondage Wonder Woman proposal you were never meant to see

Your best comment: You always saw Wonder Woman tied up because of William Moulton Marston. He himself was into bondage. Olive Byrne, a woman who lived with William and his wife Elizabeth and was thought to be William's girlfriend, actually wore bracelets that looked remarkably like Wonder Woman's in every photo that was seen of her. — Beth

Our story: Pagans protest treatment of Norse gods in Thor

Your best comment: I left the theater last night actually wanting to read up on Norse mythology. Just as I wanted to read about Egyptian mythology after seeing Stargate and Greek mythology after the original Clash of the Titans. If a movie like this can inspire anyone to find out more about the origins of these legends, then I'd think it's a good thing. Only idiots would think anything seen on TV or a movie screen represents real life. — Blue247

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